What is Dry Cleaning and How it Works Magical on Clothes

Cleaning is a big task, and cleaning clothes is a monotonous job. Cleaning clothes needs proper planning and requires consistent effort. Hand-washing was the sole grind of washing clothes for a long time and then came washing clothes with washing machines. Cleaning clothes need proper care and all clothes can not be washed using the same water and detergents. One can even say that cleaning clothes perfectly is a form of art, mastered only by a few. As part of laundry, Dry Cleaning plays the major role. Let us see about what is dry cleaning and how it works on clothes would be major discussion in the blog.

What is Dry Cleaning and How it Works Magical on Clothes?

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is nothing but the usual cleaning of clothes where a liquid solvent is used instead of water and detergent. Cloth materials like silk, wool, linen, rayon, leather, denim and much more can not be washed normally using water and detergent as they damage the clothes. Hence, this method can save your clothes from rupturing, wear and tear etc.

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

Dry cleaning merely revolves around using a mild solvent that can clean your clothes effectively. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute is an international trade association for garment care professionals. They have put forth four parts that constitute Dry cleaning, and they are as follows.

  1. A base tank that has the washing solvent stored in it
  2. A circulation pump circulates the solvent all across the machine.
  3. A dry cleaning filter that captures all the solid and soil impurities from the solvent and the fabric.
  4. A cylinder tank where the clothes are placed to be dry cleaned.


Initially, the dry cleaning pump pulls out the solvent from the tank and circulates it through the tank to filter out the impurities.

Later the solvent is cleared of the pecks of impurities, and they enter the cylinder where the clothes are stored up. The solvent then falls back into the tank, storing itself up for the following dry cleaning process.

After the clothes are cleaned thoroughly, the dry cleaning machines dry away the excess solvent. All along the process, the cylinder’s rotation rate keeps increasing as the clothes get washed.

After the clothes are washed off, they are moved to the drying process. They are set in a separate drier and the remaining solvent is filtered and put back into the holding cylinder tank.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

  • Dry cleaning is much softer on the clothes compared to other methods of cleaning the clothes.
  • Dry cleaning keeps up the quality of the clothes and increases their longevity.
  • Dry cleaning is the best way to remove hard stains on clothes.
  • Foul odours can be easily removed from clothes by dry cleaning them.
  • Dry cleaning works best for materials like silk, rayon, wool, linen and more.
  • It saves up a lot of water; hence only solvents are used, and it works well on clothes.

Materials Used in Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is done primarily to maintain the quality of the fabric, and the material used in the dry cleaning should be of good quality and have the right composition. Glycol ethers, Liquid silicone, Hydrocarbons, Liquid carbon dioxide, Perchloroethylene etc, are the solvent materials used in cleaning clothes.

Why Choose Quiclo for Dry Cleaning?

Quiclo is a top-notch and premium laundry service provider that provides effective laundry services like cleaning, washing, drying, pressing, and stain removal. Quiclo is the epitome to show how dry cleaning works and when it comes to dry cleaning, Quiclo is the best and offers the best and professional laundry services. They provide expert services to remove stains from the fabric, and the best part is that the fabric remains unaltered. These times of COVID have stressed enough the importance of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Quiclo makes sure to provide quality, hygienic service with COVID-19 safety precautionsQuiclo Laundry makes sure that they pick up the clothes at your doorstep and drop it back after cleaning your clothes and attending to all the requested services.

4 Steps to Get Dry Cleaning Done?

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  2. Select your services like dry cleaning from the list of services offered in our app.
  3. Feed in your pick-up details and get your clothes picked up at your place.
  4. Get your clothes dry-cleaned in their best form and have them delivered to your doorstep.

We accept that cleaning clothes are an extremely monotonous task, and carrying it out when you are already tired from every day’s chore doesn’t make it any easier. Dry cleaning your clothes need not worry you further on. With Quiclo, we have got you covered.

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1. What are the advantages of dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the best option for delicate fabrics that can shrink or bleed since it can successfully remove difficult stains and dirt without the use of water. Additionally, it maintains the garment’s durability and quality.

2. Can 100% cotton be dry-cleaned?

Yes, there are some fabrics that should only be dry cleaned, but if you’re unsure about whether to dry clean wool, linen, or cotton garments or items with sequins or other adornments (fur, pleating, etc.), dry cleaning is a wise decision.

3. Is detergent used in dry cleaning?

Dry cleaners use specialized solvents and detergents that can dissolve oil and grease stains without damaging delicate fabrics. These detergents are typically gentler and less abrasive than those used in regular laundry.

4. Does dry cleaning remove stains?

Compared to washing machines, dry cleaning has been shown to be more successful at removing stains. However, even the most effective cleaning techniques can’t completely eliminate some stains.

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