Covid-19 Guidelines


The three major steps to prevent spread of COVID-19 infection are

  1. Maintain high level of personal hygiene;
  2. Practice social distancing at all times;
  3. Cleaning and sanitation.
  1. COVID-19 Screening Protocol implemented in plant

COVID-19 screening protocol is in place to screen all personnel entering the premises. All employees/workers/visitors are screened at entry point for symptoms of COVID-19 such as temperature (using non – contact type thermometer), cough, cold etc. Those with temperature more than 37.5 c (99 F) and /or flu like symptoms are not allowed to enter the Establishment.


  • Proper hand hygiene – washing with soap and water for at least 20 sec (WHO advice) every 2 hours
  • Frequent use of alcohol – based hand sanitizers -70% alcohol or equivalent
  • Good respiratory hygiene (cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing: dispose of tissues and wash hands)
  • Frequent cleaning/disinfection of work surfaces and touch points such as door handles
  • Avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing. Employees shall cover their mouth and nose with tissue while coughing or sneezing. The tissue shall be disposed in a closed bin and hands shall be thoroughly washed and sanitized, before handling the garment
  • Wearing of face mask and clean protective clothing like full sleeves clothes/aprons, head gears, caps, gloves at all times while in the production area.
  • Employees shall preferably not use personal jewelry, watches etc. Instruments like mobiles should be discouraged while at work place or should be frequently sanitized
  • Gloves shall be worn while handling clothes. During this time no other surface, equipment, chemicals should be touched or non laundry related activities such as emptying bin, closing door/windows, touching mobiles phones, handling currency etc. are carried out
  • Hands must be washed / sanitized between gloves change and when gloves are removed
  • She/he should be allowed to report illness on phone
  • In Case any employee any flu – like symptoms or covid-19 illness at the workplace, he/she shall be immediately isolated the health/ administrative authorities should be informed about it immediately
  • Laundry handlers working with or near the infected person should also isolated themselves and self – quarantine as per the direction issued by the ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Use of fingerprint or biometric attendance shall be discontinued during the pandemic period in order to minimize cross infection replaced with facial recognition or manual system ensuring minimal physical contact. Using each other’s phones, belongings, sharing do common stationery like pens or other work tools and equipment should be discouraged
  • The Laundry premise, toilets, counters and equipment that came in contact with the thoroughly cleaned with hot water and detergent and disinfected
  • A minimum distance of one meter shall be maintained between two person are all points in laundry establishment.
  • To implement social distancing, laundry business should.
  • Limit the number of people in contact on a production floor or a shop, by creating physical barrier so that people in smaller spaces (3-4 employees in 10 ft areas as an example) can have barrier without hindering work, wherever possible.
  • Space out/stagger works station and Laundry areas, if possible.
  • Limits the number of people (staff, delivery drivers, customers) who can come into the Laundry premises any one time.
  • Face to Face meeting should be restricted as much as possible. Avoid staff congregating in car parks or other common areas after their shift.
  • Various area of Laundry (such as laundry area /production area, stores, packing area, service area, waste   disposal area, etc) office space transport vehicle shall be cleaned  with  soap and water, following by disinfectant ( using freshly prepared 1 percent hypochlorite solution or any other  disinfectant found to be effective against corona virus.)
  • Equipment, containers, chemicals etc. should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water. Preferably use hot water for washing and sanitizing.


  • Shall be cleaned after every shift using water and detergent this shall be followed with disinfection using every shift using 1 % hypochlorite solution or an equivalent. For metallic surfaces (such as shower, taps, etc) and surface where use of bleach is not suitable, use 70 % alcohol disinfectant.
  • All cleaning equipments, cloth, mops, reusable protective gear such as boots, gloves etc, shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use and prior to use another area.
ChlorinePerishable cloths of  laundry surfacesAlways pesticide to unwashed cloths
70% alcohol based

Hand Sanitization

Common touch point and laundry  surface

As and when required Frequent or after each use


● Use chemicals as per the direction provided by the manufacturers.

● There are more chemical based disinfectants available;

Laundry Service/ Delivery/pickups.

  • Even with proper hand washing, laundry workers should use barriers such as tongs, gloves, or other utensil to prevent direct hand contact with cloths.
  • Employees shall wear clear uniform, mask/face cover, gloves and head covers at all times. Pre screening of the workers for COVID-19 symptoms should be following.
  • All the laundry items shall be thoroughly washed in 20ppm chlorine and clean potable water before storage.
  • Use gloves to avoid direct bare hand contact with cloths.
  • Visible notices pasted staff promoting hand hygiene physical distancing.
  • Establish designates pick up zone for customers to help maintain social distancing.
  • Minimum 1 meter gap is maintained between the laundry handler and customer.
  • Minimum 1 meter gap in maintained between the seating space and table in the laundry area.
  • High touch points such as countertops, tongs, ladles, etc. Should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.
  • In case of laundry delivery, laundry handler shall ensure that.
  • Face is covered with a clean mask or face cover, handle are sanitized before laundry pick up and after delivery.
  • Social distancing is followed by maintaining a minimum 1 meter gap between self and customer.
  • Contact with common touch points such as door bell, handles etc is avoided. If unavoidable, hands are sanitized after coming in contact with common touch points.
  • Contactless delivery methods shall be encouraged.
  • Employees shall refrain from handling cash. In case cash is handled, employees shall awash or sanities their hands afterwards. Customers shall be encouraged to use contactless mode of payments such used, the card machine shall be sanitized with 70% alcohol after each use.
  • Drivers other support staff high standards of hygiene, cleaning and sanitation and following social distancing.
  • Delivery/ Transport vehicles shall be cleaned and sanitized. The vehicle should only used for food deliveries/distribution. Clearing and sanitation record should be available in the vehicles at all times.
  • Drivers, of personal hygiene. They shall be provide with an alcohol- based hand sanitizer which may be fixed in the driver’s cabin Face covers shall be worn at all times.

Drivers other support staff should avoid using public toilets as much as possible. Drivers and other staff delivering to food premises should not leave their vehicles during delivery shall refrain from stopping in between for tea breaks, etc.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

How much does it cost

Based on the garment’s prices vary, and i can send the price list for your reference

How do I get started

Your can download our app through google play store or apple store for your further support

How do I pay

You can pay through payment gateway, COD, google pay

Can you clean my comforter

Yes, we do

How do I schedule a pick up

Please feel free to download our app Or call on 040-6821333

I have allergies, do you use allergen free products


Can I get my garments ironed


Is there a charge for the laundry bag


When is my laundry returned

Delivery within 48 hours

What services do you offer

Wash & Iron, Only iron, Dry cleaning, Stain removal

When do I pay for services

Once the garments are delivered.

What if I miss my pickup/drop-off time

You can reschedule

What happens if I leave personal items in my pockets

The pickup executive will check before collecting your things from your location

Is your detergent safe for soft skin? Does it harm the environment?

We use mild detergent, recommended for sensitive skin. It is also a detergent that will not harm the environment.

What other products / chemicals you use for laundry?

We use a liquid fabric softener (also safe for sensitive skin/environment), a non-chlorine bleach/color booster, and a dryer sheet fabric softener

Do you separate laundry by colour?

Yes.  We will separate lights from darks just as we would our own laundry.  We will wash all items on a warm/cold setting to provide a clean that is gentle yet effective.

Do you Iron?

Yes, if a piece is separated and marked for ironing, we offer “Only Ironing” services as well.

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Yes we offer dry cleaning, as it is part of our services

Do you hang clothing?

We fold all clothing. If you prefer to have certain items hung up, we can do that at no additional cost if you communicate that to us verbally via the phone or inform our delivery boy

Will you clean the machine after every load?

Yes, after each load we will clean the washer and dryer.

What happens if I am missing an item after service?

Call us immediately once you notice something is missing.  However, washing and tagging each customer’s clothing individually as well as cleaning the equipment in between each customer’s laundry load prevents this type of issue.  However, we are human and it is possible that every now and again an error will occur.  We will do everything possible to locate your item and get it back to you

What if I don’t have a laundry bag?

A large plastic bag will do.  However, we will not be able to wash/return a plastic bag and will provide our laundry bag.

Are you open on the weekend?

We most certainly are. Our schedule on the weekend is the following: Sunday from 8am-5pm for pick-ups and delivery.

Besides cleaning, how else will Quiclo care for my clothes?

In addition to cleaning, we perform a thorough inspection of your clothes and ensure any stains, and wrinkles are taken care of. Rest assured, your clothes will be in tip-top condition when we return them to you.

Do you offer hand washing?

If you would like special care taken during the washing process for delicate items, please leave special instructions when placing your order to have those items washed on ‘gentle’ cycle.

What are your hours of operation?

Our pick-up and drop-off time slots are 8 AM – 5 PM

What is Return/Refund Policy?

Quiclo strives to provide the highest quality dry cleaning and laundering services. In the event you are not fully satisfied, please contact us by email at [email protected] and we will do whatever we can to rectify the situation and earn back your trust.


What happens if my laundry is lost or damaged?

If your items are lost, please contact us directly and provide your order number. We will investigate what happened and ensure your satisfaction with the resolution. While we take the utmost care to provide an outstanding customer experience, occasionally things do go wrong and items can go missing or suffer damages. In these rare instances, the following guidelines dictate how customers are reimbursed and compensated for missing or damaged items:

Damaged Items

  • If an item is damaged through our delivery or cleaning process, we will send your damaged item to a third party clothing repair specialist for assessment and repair.
  • If the item can be successfully repaired, then we will repair it free of charge. If the damage cannot be repaired and was a result of the delivery/cleaning process, then we will assume full responsibility and provide either a replacement (if available), reimbursement, or credit for use on future orders (subject to the exceptions below).
  • Normal wear and tear, which includes slight shrinkage, slight fading, thinning of fabric, small rips or tears from repeated laundering, and color discoloration due to deodorant, perfumes or colognes.
  • If the item(s) in question were damaged due to “normal wear and tear”, then we will not provide compensation for the item(s).
  • We will return items unwashed as further washing or dry cleaning may result in possible or further damage. In such case you will not be charged for the garment(s)

Is Quiclo in my region?

Please do call us on the customer care Number or drop us a email to [email protected] and  there is a list of areas.


Does your laundering process address customers with sensitive skin?

We address any and all concerns with regards to how your clothes are laundered, including adjustments for those with sensitive skin. If your order requires special treatment, simply inform the delivery boy and he will make note of it.

What is the difference between Wash and Fold and Laundered shirt?

For all of your laundered shirts, they get pressed. Wash and Fold is just washing, drying and neatly folding your clothes for you.

Do you offer Discounts?

We most certainly do. We provide discount coupons

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