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Explore the full range of services that we offer, as the top-notch laundry service in Hyderabad. Our services are easily accessible through our dedicated app, available on the play store and app store. Choose a Quiclo service today and wash your hands off a load of laundry, in exchange for peace of mind and quality service!

Laundry Services

Whether it’s the last-minute laundry needs or just your weekly laundry routine, Quiclo is here for you. We use the best detergents and machines in the market to ensure your clothes get the best wash possible. Washing, drying and everything in between, the Quiclo way!

Dry Cleaning

Quiclo gets your clothes to look their best and brand new in no time, through our expert dry cleaning services. Want to look sharp under a tight schedule? Have no fear, Quiclo is here!

Stain Removal

Quiclo offers exquisite stain removal for a wide range of fabrics and clothes. Worried about fabric quality being compromised during handling? Rest assured, we take personal care and deliver stain-free clothes based on high industry standards.

Automated Ironing

with a state-of-the-art infrastructure in place, Quiclo gets your clothes ironed crisply, in tip-top shape. We’ll deliver your clothes ironed and fresh: on-time, every time. Let the pros handle it!

Leather Cleaning

Delicate materials need special care. Leather, if handled roughly can succumb to easy wear and tear. While clothes are washed, leather is cleaned. We offer expert solutions to leather care and will make your jacket and accessories shine like new. Stay worry-free and let us do the cleaning task right. Quiclo for special services now!

Pet Bed and Toys

Pets are adorable but more when they are naughty and playful. But is their cheerfulness soiling their goodies and bed? Like us, our pets too need clean beds to have a good night’s sleep. Our experts at Quiclo tend to pet-stuff care and we will be more than happy to provide services to make your pet feel comfortable. Call us today and we will pick your buddy’s toys and bed and give it back germ-free, stain-free, and stink-free.

Shoes Cleaning

Sparkling shoes is something that everyone dreams of. Imagine a day with dusty and stained shoes and you are running late for an important meeting. Quiclo offers professional services in shoes-cleaning. Drop your shoes with us and prepare for your big day. We will deliver it to you before you step out to action.

Special Saree Cleaning

Women adore sarees. While cotton and regular synthetic sarees can be washed in a machine, materials like satin, nylon, designer, silk need special attention and care. Using harmful detergent and putting it through machine wash can permanently damage your gorgeous fabric. At Quiclo we offer unique care for various types of fabrics. Call us today for special saree cleaning services.  

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