Stain Removal Service in Hyderabad

Quiclo Stain Removal Service – A Smart Solution For Removing The Toughest Stains

Have a Spot of Dirt on Your Sparkling White dress That is Disturbing You?

Many times you tend to come across rigid and tough stains that are not easily removed in a regular wash. Due to this, most people end up discarding their clothes.

Why throw or give away your favourite outfit just because the stain is adamant? You can be adamant too since we are here to help you be so, by using the most efficient methods of removal that are right for the stains on your clothes.

Being one among the most efficient fabric dry cleaners in Hyderabad, we provide doorstep pick-up and drop off for your laundry while assuring to provide the best care, being the best laundry services.

It is often difficult to remember or regularly practice separate ways of washing various fabrics. This can ruin your delicate fabrics or bleed other clothes’ colours into light coloured fabrics. To keep away from this trouble, choose Quiclo Laundry to give your laundry to the best laundry service provider in Hyderabad. Besides effective fabric dry cleaning and stain removal, we also provide regular washing services, not to mention smart and quick ironing services in Hyderabad as well.


Stain removal can be done by any of the following methods; using liquid detergent, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and many other cleaning materials.

Yes, in most cases, any stain can be removed. For harder stains, there is a specific stain removal process that helps in removing the stain.

Yes, it is possible to remove a stain after drying. But it is harder to remove dry stains than wet ones.

It generally takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to get stain removal done. Don’t go through the hassle of doing it by yourself. Leave your dirty laundry with Quiclo, the bet laundry service in Hyderabad.

Yes, Quiclo washes quilts, blankets and comforters as well.

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