Top 15 Laundry Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

If you thought cleaning and keeping the home tidy is the major element in your household to-do list, you are wrong!  Organizing your laundry properly is equally important in today’s modern lifestyle. Paying heed to effective laundry tips and tricks will not only help you to keep your laundry in order but also save precious time and effort.

The Need for Laundry Tips and Tricks

The laundry cycle is never-ending. Our clothing has become the face of our personality; we make use of umpteen dresses and other linen in our daily life, even if it is just working from home.  Just as you sort, wash, dry, iron, and put away the various clothing, a fresh load of dirty clothes keeps turning up inevitably.

The only solution for facing this challenge is finding and following the simple but effective laundry tips and tricks that will save you from toiling forever.


The Best Laundry Tips and Tricks That Help To Maintain Clothes

Following certain no-fail laundry tips, tricks, and hacks will help you to remove stubborn stains and manage the toughest laundry tasks effortlessly. Stick to the list of laundry tips and tricks provided below to not only finish your laundry task efficiently but enjoy doing it too!

1. Get Rid of Stains Under the Arms of Shirts

Sponge those sweat stains with white vinegar. You may even use a mixture of baking powder and lemon juice. An enzyme pre-wash stain remover completes the pre-treatment. Washing after this cycle will surely tackle the stains effectively.

2. Choose Your Detergent Wisely

Buying the economical ones or those used by your parents may not always work in your favour. Have a clear understanding of the various detergents available in the market. While powdered detergents are great for general loads, their liquid counterparts are good for stains. Select the one that best suits your purpose.

3. Try Your Best to Avoid Bleeding Colours

Sort your clothes properly to prevent certain colours from bleeding onto light-coloured fabrics. If you suspect some cloth may be colourfast, it is better to use a wet cotton swab, rub it on the fabric, and check whether the dye transfers to the swab. Separately hand-washing the items that are susceptible is a good idea.

4. Exclusive Washing Method for White Garments

Commonly, white T-shirts and socks tend to go grey after several washes. Soak such clothes in a solution of 180 grams of bicarbonate of soda in 4 litres of water. You may use hot water in which a few aspirin tablets and 240 ml of white vinegar are dissolved for this purpose. This can be done during the rinse cycle and during washing to make your white fabric bright.

5. Prevent Shrinking of Your Woollens

Ensure to keep the wash cycle temperature at the appropriate level. Too high a temperature or too vigorous drum action are enemies to wool.

6. Get the Musty Smell Off Your Clothes

A musty smell may be caused by a damp cupboard or your failure to dry the clothes properly. The simple laundry tips and tricks to tackle this issue is putting a box of baking powder in your cupboard, which will keep the clothes fresh. You may use bags of dried herbs as well.

7. Get Wrinkles Out of Your Clothes Quickly

One of the best laundry hacks to remove wrinkles out of your dress is to pop it in a dryer with a dryer sheet and an ice cube for just ten minutes. It will become fresh and wrinkle-free.

8. Avoid Shrinking and Stretching

Factors that cause clothes to shrink or stretch are the type of weave, fibre content, or the way you wash and clean the clothes. Try to avoid too much agitation, use a cold water setting, and a hot clothes dryer to overcome this problem. One more of the best laundry tips and tricks to face the shrinking issue: add a capful of regular conditioner or baby shampoo and let the item soak for a while before draining. When you stretch it in damp condition, you will find it has regained its original size!

9. Remove White Streaks From Dark Clothes

Generally, we find dark denim jeans or bed linen having white streaks after washing. The solution for this from your laundry tips and tricks is to turn such items inside out and go in for a gentler wash cycle. This will prevent white streaks from occurring on dark items.

10. Here’s How You Can Remove Ink Stains From Your Clothes

One of the unheard-of but effective laundry tips and tricks to remove ink stains from clothes is to use hairspray. With its high alcohol content, your humble hairspray is capable of removing stains. Saturate the stain on your dress with hairspray or hand sanitiser, wait for a few minutes, and then wash it. You will find astonishing results!

11. Get Rid of Oil and Grease Stains With Baby Powder

You can eliminate unsightly greasy or oily spots by just sprinkling baby powder on the affected area directly and allowing it to soak for a few hours. See that the powder fully soaks up the oil or grease. Laundering as usual after brushing off the powder will get your clothe as fresh as new.

12. Keep Your Dark Clothes Dark

Odd as it might sound, adding a cup of coffee to your dark wash significantly helps to keep the blacks, denim, as well as dark blues, looking great. It’s no magic; the coffee acts as a natural dye, that’s all!

13. Keep Socks Paired in a Mesh Bag to Avoid Losing One

Put your socks inside a mesh laundry bag and throw the bag in your washing machine to avoid losing a sock! This is one of the simplest of laundry tips and tricks for small items from getting lost.

14. Wash When Required

The basic and primary one among the top laundry tips and tricks is to read the guidelines and find out how often you really need to wash different items.

15. Use Cold Water for Washing Most of the Clothes

Most of the fabrics do not require hot water. Using cold water saves energy costs while ensuring the longevity and fresh look of your clothes.

Wrap Up

Following a few idiosyncratic, yet effective laundry tips and tricks appropriately helps you to get your laundering done quickly, cost-effectively, and effortlessly. Follow the laundry hacks guide and make your wash brighter and easier!


1. What are the basics of laundry?

Whether your clothes are stained or not, wash all clothing, towels, and bedding regularly. Learn the washer and dryer settings, such as selecting cold water for washing and routinely emptying the lint trap in the dryer to use them effectively for the longer good of your clothes.

2. What is flush in the laundry?

A flush is meant to moisten or condition fabrics and eliminate soils soluble in water. This may also be a prewashing stage in the cleaning process. The water should be warm (100-110°F) since your fabric can get damaged if the water temperature fluctuates too much.

3. What is a good laundry schedule?

Wash clothes as needed, but aim to do a load of laundry for 15-20 mins every day to avoid doing it all at once. Use the shortest appropriate cycle and cold water to save time and energy. Don’t forget to sort by colour and fabric type to avoid damage.

4. Why is it important to wash white clothes separately?

White clothing should be washed separately to help prevent colour transfer from other fabrics, which can fade the whites’ hue and make them appear drab or grey. So, to help your white clothes look fresh and bright for longer, it’s advised to wash them separately.


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