The cost of laundry services depends on the different categories of garments. You can check our price list for your reference on our website. You can also alternatively download and check out our laundry app for more details regarding our services.

You can download the Quiclo app through the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore to get started. Our app is one of the best laundry apps in Hyderabad. It will help you explore our different services and also assist you in placing and tracking an order.

We offer multiple payment options through our app. You can choose to pay us through Cash On Delivery (COD), Net banking, or UPI.

Of course, we can! Anything for you. Download our app to schedule your laundry now.

You can schedule a free pickup through the Quiclo App or call +91 80683 22433. The app will help you choose your pickup and delivery location and even schedule your order for a later day and time.

Yes, we do. We care for your skin as much as you do. Our laundry experts use the best allergen-free products in the market for skin-friendly results.
Yes, you can. We may not be able to make your life problem-free, but we can surely make your clothes crease-free. Try us! We offer top-notch ironing services in Hyderabad.
No, we don’t charge for laundry bags.
Your laundry is usually returned within 48 hours from the time of pickup. We don’t want to keep you waiting. You can also track the progress of your clothes through our app. We mean it when we say our app is the best laundry app in Hyderabad.

Quiclo provides one of the best laundry services in Hyderabad. We offer everything good for your laundry, from washing and ironing to dry cleaning and stain removal. You can check out our price list here.

You can pay when you receive your garments after you have availed the service.

Don’t worry; you can always reschedule your pickup/drop off time from our app. Our app will make the process easier for you. For this reason and more, we are known to provide the best online laundry service in Hyderabad.

We always double-check the garments before we start the process. If our pick-up executive misses anything out, our personnel at the warehouse will get it sorted for you.

The detergents we use are both human and earth-friendly. Our detergents are specially made for sensitive skin. So, they are skin-friendly too.

We use a liquid fabric softener (safe for sensitive skin/environment), a non-chlorine bleach/colour booster, and a dryer sheet fabric softener. We only use products that are good for you and your garments.

Yes, we don’t want to make the same mistake as Rachel. We separate lights from darks and wash all items in a warm/cold setting to clean your garments gently, yet effectively. All our services are listed out on our app.

Yes, we offer “Only Ironing” services as well. You can schedule these services even in the last minute. We provide certified online ironing services in Hyderabad.

We fold all clothing neatly. If you prefer to have certain items hung up, you can communicate that to us verbally over phone or inform our pickup executive when he comes to collect your laundry. All you have to do is say it!

Yes, after each load, we will clean the washer and dryer. We are all about the clean stuff.

We can assure you that it will never happen. But since you have this concern, you can call us immediately after you notice something missing. We prevent this issue by washing and tagging each customer’s clothing individually and cleaning the equipment between each customer’s laundry load. Our best laundry app, Hyderabad, is designed to track your orders effectively.
However, if we do miss out on some of your items, we will do everything possible to locate and get it back to you

A large plastic bag will do. However, we will not be able to return your clothes in the same plastic bag as we will provide a laundry bag from our end. It is quite cute and you will like it!

We most certainly are. That is the only way you can enjoy your weekend, duh! Our schedule on the weekend is: Sunday: 8 AM – 8 PM for pickups and delivery.

We care for your clothes with love in every step of the way. In addition to that (and cleaning), we thoroughly inspect your clothes and ensure that all stains and wrinkles are taken care of. Rest assured, your clothes will be in top-tier condition when we return them to you.

If you want special care to be taken for your clothes, please leave special instructions when placing your order to wash those items on a ‘gentle’ cycle. That is as good as hand wash, trust us.

We work hard for your comfort and convenience. Our pickup and drop-off time slots are 8 am – 8 pm every day.

Hey, we won’t let it get to that stage. Quiclo strives to provide the highest quality dry cleaning and laundering services. If you are not fully satisfied with our assistance at any point, please e-mail us at support@quiclo.com, and we will do whatever we can to rectify the situation and earn back your trust.

If your items are lost, please get in touch with us directly and provide your order number. We will look into the issue and ensure you are given a satisfying solution. We take utmost care to provide an outstanding customer experience. In these rare instances, the following guidelines will help customers get reimbursed and compensated for missing or damaged items:

  • If an item is damaged through our delivery or cleaning process, we will send your damaged item to a third-party clothing repair specialist for assessment and repair.
  • If the problem can be fixed, we will repair it for free. Suppose the damage cannot be repaired and resulted from the delivery/cleaning process. In that case, we will assume full responsibility and provide either a replacement (if available), reimbursement, or credit for use on future orders (subject to the exceptions below).
  • Normal wear and tear, which includes slight shrinkage, slight fading, thinning of fabric, small rips or tears from repeated laundering, and discolouration due to deodorant, perfumes or colognes.
  • If the item(s) in question were damaged due to “normal wear and tear”, then we will not provide compensation for the item(s).
  • We will return items unwashed as further washing or dry cleaning may result in possible further damage. You will not be charged for the garment(s) in such cases.

Quiclo offers the best laundry services in Hyderabad. Feel free to call us at our customer care number or drop us an e-mail at support@quiclo.com, and we will send you the list of areas we operate from.

We like to pamper both your laundry and you. We address all concerns regarding how your clothes are laundered, including adjustments for those with sensitive skin. If your order requires special treatment, inform the delivery boy, and he will make a note of it and pass it on to us.

All your laundered shirts get pressed. Wash and Fold are just washing, drying, and neatly folding your clothes for you, with no ironing included.

We most certainly do. We provide discount coupons that you can use – discounts on the price and none on love and care.

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