How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

Laundry, The never-ending task!

One finds it easy to lift dumbbells at the gym but a bucket of laundry is heavier when they have to dry clothes. Doing laundry is not a dirty job but indeed a tiring one. One finds tied down by laziness when they find a pile of clothes lying around in the laundry basket at staring at their conscience.

When was the last time you picked up those freshly washed clothes from the chair, folded them, and put them back in your wardrobe, neatly? With the kind of time-consuming jobs, we have these days it is indeed a challenging task to take out the time to do the laundry. Also given the fact that many work from home these days, it becomes all the more difficult to muster the willpower to face the laundry basket.

Are you washing your clothes the right way?

While washing is a tedious task, washing clothes the right way can be more of a nightmare. In fact, not many people understand the importance of washing clothes in the right way. Then there are the clothes that easily get stained, for which a normal wash is definitely not suitable. Dry-cleaning is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

There is a solution for those who want to invest their time in better things rather than doing laundry – there are washing and dry-cleaning services to help you. With more people preferring such services, there are many outlets offering this service to make the lives of professionals and homemakers simpler and easier.

But of so many services available today,  how can you choose one that is best for this job and best for you too? Today in this blog we will see how to choose the best dry-cleaning service in Hyderabad.

How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

Pick Up Service

Pick up laundry | How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

One thing that everyone struggles with is stepping out and dropping off their clothes at a laundry place. Hyderabad is surely a place that has busy roads and the time spent in dropping off your clothes alone can actually be spent in washing them. So a good laundry service will provide you with doorstep pick up. After all, they want to make things easier for the customer.


Tracking | How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

An effective tracking system is one that provides information about where or at what stage your laundry is in. This will help you effectively plan your day as you will also know when your fresh clothes will get delivered or when you will have to be available for it.

Customer support

Customer support | How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

While choosing the best dry-cleaning service in Hyderabad, one has to ensure that the service also provides customer support. Imagine a situation where you’ve given your blazer for dry cleaning but have not receive it in good shape? Who would you reach out to and give your feedback of the poor quality of their service? Also, without proper customer care, there is no face for the brand itself. Good laundry service in Hyderabad is one that has a strong customer service team that is ready to help customers resolve their issues, at the drop of a hat.

Clean and sanitized wash

Clean Wash and Sanitization – Benefits of Choosing Professional Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services in Hyderabad

It’s the age of new viruses and infections. And with the risk of such danger, keeping everything clean and sanitized, is not just preferred but also becomes a prerequisite. Be it clothes or the house. Clothes are what we wear when we are out in broad daylight and it is this fabric that is in the first contact with viruses if any. Washing these clothes with cold water or mere detergent might not ensure 100% safety. Also piling up clothes for more than a day or two can also mean the risk of germs piling up increases too.


Packing | How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

Another major facility to look for when searching for the right dry cleaners in Hyderabad is the quality of packing. When you send clothes to remove stains, it is necessary that you receive them not only stain-free, but also in the right shape.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery | How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

The quality of a service is determined by how efficiently the brand offers  its delivery services. No matter what the business is, a customer or an end-user always looks for a timely and prompt delivery. When you experiment in finding the best dry-cleaners in Hyderabad, this is one of the most important aspects to look for.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application | How to Choose The Best Dry-Cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

It is very time consuming and frustrating to open a browser and type in the web address, login and then check for your order update. Instead, it is much easier to have a mobile application for the product. A good laundry service offers a full-fledged app service with which tracks your order becomes simple, at the ease of your fingertips.

Best Laundry App :

The Laundry Tsunami

Indeed with the number of people at home, it becomes extremely difficult to keep up with the number of clothes that need washing. At times it literally feels like a big flood of clothes coming to gobble you up. But now it’s time to put that nightmare to rest. Quiclo is a customer-friendly laundry service that you might want to give a chance. To know our laundry related services, check out our services section.

Now, remember only what is essential and stay worry-free when it comes to laundry. Let us know what you are looking for in a laundry service in Hyderabad.

FAQs – Best Dry-cleaning Pickup Service in Hyderabad

What is the most important assistance that a dry-cleaning service should offer?

One major aspect that customers need assistance with is prompt pick-up and delivery of laundry. This is one feature that a good laundry service in Hyderabad should have.

How do I know if my laundry is being done?

One simple way to check your laundry status is by using the phone application of the service. The ‘Tracking’ feature tells you what or where your laundry is at the moment.

Is dry cleaning the same as laundry washing?

Regular laundry wash is for all clothes that are worn every day. On the other hand, dry-cleaning is for garments with special fabrics and those that might lose the sheen and shine with a mere regular wash.

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