Online Dry-Cleaning Service in Hyderabad

Give Your Clothes a Crisp And Neat Look With Quiclo Online Dry-Cleaning Service in Hyderabad

Ever had the need to dry clean your clothes in the last minute when you’re ALREADY pressed for time?

Ever had the need to dry clean your clothes in the last minute when you’re already pressed for time? With Quiclo Laundry, you’ll never need to worry about rushing here and there to get your clothes dry-cleaned properly. As one of the reputed dry cleaning services in Hyderabad, we guarantee a quality dry cleaning experience from start to finish. To top it off, you don’t have to frantically search either! Thanks to Quiclo Laundry’s app, you can schedule a dry cleaning service for your laundry and have it picked up no matter where you are in the city.

We understand that when you opt for dry cleaning, you want your clothes back, looking as good as brand new. Quiclo Laundry guarantees this through meticulous quality checks every step of the way. Our experts assess the stains and fabric of individual clothes in every bundle and expedite the dry cleaning process accordingly. It is this attention to detail that has propelled us to become a name synonymous with the best online dry-cleaning in Hyderabad.

When it comes to dry cleaning, we leave no stone unturned in caring for the quality of your clothes. Quality in service and delivery is our top priority, being one of the best laundry services offering dry cleaning in Hyderabad. This attention to detail is also inclusive of our meticulous hygiene and safety standards in line with covid-19 safety precautions and other international standards.

Thanks to our dedicated app, you need not worry about rushing to pick up your dry cleaning either. With the help of our professional and friendly delivery executives, Quiclo Laundry ensures that you get your clothes within a span of 2 days at the most. It’s dry cleaning made hassle-free, by one of the best dry cleaning services in Hyderabad.

So if you’re looking to get your dry cleaning done, download the Quiclo Laundry app asap and book your slot with us, for the best dry cleaning in Hyderabad!


Dry cleaning is a little bit of a costly affair than the regular cleaning service as it needs some effort and different cleaning methods. Dry cleaning generally costs between Rs. 70 to Rs.450. Although, with Quiclo providing the best dry cleaning in Hyderabad, it becomes worth it.

Dry cleaning pretty much works like the normal cleaning process except that instead of water and detergent, a liquid solvent is used. The used liquid solvent cleans up the clothes and evaporates quickly hence the name dry cleaning.

Yes, it is worth it to get dry cleaning services as they go easy on sensitive clothes. There are multiple dry cleaning services in Hyderabad like Quiclo, which offer great dry cleaning services.

Dry cleaning services are essential because normal washing would damage clothes like wool, leather, silk and even buttons, lace and sequin. Hence, using a dry cleaning service can keep the cloth material intact.

Yes, dry cleaning is very safe for clothes, even sensitive ones, and there are many dry cleaning services in Hyderabad like the Quiclo, which you can make use of to maintain the safety of your clothes.

Dry cleaning makes use of a liquid solvent and doesn’t use water or detergent for cleaning the clothes, whereas washing using water and detergent for cleaning the clothes. We at Quiclo, ensure we provide great dry cleaning in Hyderabad.

Quiclo is the one-stop solution for availing the best dry cleaning services in Hyderabad. They are top-notch, cost-effective and offer hygienic dry cleaning services. The most beneficial advantage of the dry cleaning service from Quiclo is that the clothes are picked up and dropped at your doorstep.
Cleaning products like detergent, liquid solvent and water are used in laundry services. Quiclo only uses friendly chemicals.
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