How To Wash And Take Care Of Silk Clothes

Are you a person who treasures age-old silk clothes? Well, the obvious question of how to take care of your silk clothes would be the question that keeps popping up now and then. In this blog, we will let you know about how to take care of silk clothes. Read through to know more.


Silk clothes are the epitome of richness. Nothing compares to the lusciously smooth feeling that you get when you run your hand through silk. Be it the favorite Sundari silk saree you purchased, the Nalli vesthi that you feel comfortable in silk clothes need proper care. If you are wondering how to take care of silk clothes, you are in the right place; read through the blog.

Silk clothes are not the kind of clothes that can be washed in any manner, and it needs proper planning and care. So now what are the things to remember in washing your silk clothes?

Things to Remember Before Washing Your Silk Clothes

Things To Remember Before Washing Your Silk Clothes

1. Always read the label of your silk clothing and do as per the instructions. The label will give you clear instructions on whether you need to handwash it, dry clean it, and if it’s ok to machine wash it. Sometimes you will even be indicated about how often you can wash it.

2. Never wash your silk clothes with other clothes. Silk clothes are delicate, and washing them with other clothes can cause them to tear off. And you also don’t want your silk clothes to get stained by other clothes, Do you? So make sure you wash your silk clothes separately.

3. Do not use hard materials like chlorine, bleach, vinegar, perfume, or any other substance that damages your silk cloth.

4. Dry cleaning is generally the best option if you are looking to wash your silk clothes. Using water and detergent or another solvent might not work well on silk clothes and causes damage to the material. So better to avail of dry cleaning services from a reputed professional cleaning service company like Quiclo.

5. It is generally preferable to hand wash your silk clothes if you are washing them on your own and are not seeking professional services. Then, while hand washing, make sure that you use mild detergents and the ones that go well with the silk. If you are looking for washing your silk clothes in a machine, then there are certain instructions you need to follow and know how to take care of silk clothes.

How to Wash Your Silk Clothes?

Handwash – How To Wash And Take Care Of Silk Clothes

1. Take a tub of cool water or lukewarm water and immerse your silk clothing in it

2. Use a mild and silk-friendly detergent and add it to the water and stir it.

3. Soak the silk cloth in the water and let it be for 5 minutes.

4. Later, plunge the garment in the water some 3 to 4 times to remove the dirt and stains.

5. Later, take the garment out and clean it off with cold water.

6. Twirl the silk cloth mildly to remove the soaked water content. Use a mild material and press it against the cloth to remove the moisture of the silk cloth.

7. Later, let your silk cloth dry on its own and make sure not to keep it in direct contact with sunlight.

Wash it the mild way – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

1. Place the silk cloth in a mesh bag and then keep it in the washing machine.

2. Load the machine and make sure to use a milk detergent that suits silk clothes.

3. Keep the machine cleaning option at the lowest temperature and speed and let your skin clothes spin in the washing machine.

4. The speed and temperature of the machine should suit the delicacy of the silk clothing. Make sure to not use extreme spin levels as they might damage the silk clothing.

5. Later, take the silk clothing safely out of the machine and mesh bag and let it dry on its own. Be sure not to bring it directly in contact with sunlight.

6 General Tips on How to Take Care of Silk Clothes

General Tips on How to Take Care of Silk Clothes

1. Always store your silk clothes in a dry and dark place. Overexposure to light causes silk to lose its charm and glow.

2. Don’t spray perfume and cents directly on your silk clothes as these substances have high chemical compositions and can damage your silk cloth.

3. If your silk cloth gets dirty from food stains or something else. You need to act on it quickly and clean it. Use a clean, mildly wet cloth to wipe off the stain. Just make sure not to be harsh on the stain and rub it as it might damage your silk cloth.

4. The primary thing to notice while thinking about how to take care of silk clothes is how well you save them. Save your silk clothes in a clean and dry place using naphthalene balls. This keeps the moths away from the silk clothes and keeps them safe.

5. Iron your silk clothes after it is dry from washing and strictly don’t iron them when your silk clothes are wet or damped.

6. It is generally advisable to wash your silk clothes at a professional dry cleaning service rather than washing them on your own. Professionals like Quiclo know better, and they will help you maintain your clothes without having to worry about how to take care of silk clothes.

Caring for Silk Clothes After Washing

Caring for Silk clothes After Washing

1. Let your silk clothes dry on their own, and do not use a machine dryer.

2. Ensure that you don’t bring your silk clothes in direct contact with sunlight.

3. Iron your clothes only after the silk cloth is completely dry. Do not spray water while ironing your silk clothes. Better to avoid steam ironing

4. Fold your silk cloth firmly and keep it in a good cloth bag and save it if you won’t be using it for a long time.

How to Remove Stains from Silk

How to Remove Stains – How To Wash And Take Care Of Silk Clothes

Sometimes, it is hard to avoid stains, and your silk clothes are bound to get stained by food or dirt. So, what to do to remove stains from silk?

1. It is always best to wipe off the stain from the silk cloth immediately as it gets stained. Use a clean damp cloth and wipe off the stain.

2. While washing your silk clothes, use white vinegar or lemon mixed with lukewarm water and prepare a solution. Later test the solution on some unseen part of silk cloth to see if it suits the material. If it’s fine, use the same solution to remove the stains from the silk clothes.

3. Remember to not rub the stained part of your silk clothing while washing as it might damage the material.

Wrap Up

Did you learn how to take care of silk clothes? Well, we hope this blog helped. If you are someone who hardly finds any time to hustle through and wash your clothes, then don’t worry, Quiclo is there to the rescue. We will help you wash your silk clothes and take care of them, keeping their quality intact. Contact us now to give your silk clothes a glow-up. 


1. Is water bad for silk?

When wet, silk becomes weaker and loses shape, so avoid twisting or wringing it while it is submerged in water. You shouldn’t also soak silk in water for a long time, which could eventually cause the colour to fade.

2. What is the best way to wash 100% silk?

Toss your silk garment in the washer by placing them inside a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase to prevent snagging or damage from the machine. Pick a cool, delicate cycle (don’t raise the wash temperature past 30°C).

3. What is the maintenance of silk?

Silk should never be folded or kept in a bag for a long period of time. Instead, it should be stored by hanging it in a breathable garment bag rather than a plastic one. Silk is extremely sensitive, and any irritants, including too much dampness, too much pressure on the garment, or other factors, can permanently harm it.

4. Can I wash silk with shampoo?

Yes, you can wash silk with a mild non-alkaline soap or even a baby shampoo! It’s a good alternative when you don’t have a fabric softener or any detergent. However, make sure not to soak the garment and wash it with soapy water for a few minutes.

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