How Professional Laundry Services Work At Quiclo

Do you want to overcome your aversion to doing laundry? You can get the best laundry service and have the right services delivered to you. Go through this blog for things to remember while choosing laundry service and understand how professional laundry services work at Quiclo


Today, almost everyone leads a fast-paced lifestyle because we all have to balance our chores, jobs, and social lives. Balancing work and chores can be difficult at times. Most people prefer to do their laundry at home. Clean laundry is essential for any household and individual, but it is tedious, time-consuming, and back-breaking. Then there are times when your work schedule is so hectic that you are too exhausted to do your laundry. Do these responsibilities also bog you down? 

Laundry is the most difficult task among all others. Assume you have a meeting in the morning and your formal attire isn’t ready or properly laundered. Don’t be concerned! Quiclo will assist you in doing your laundry quickly and conveniently with on-time delivery services!

There are numerous hacks and useful tricks to deal with the hectic and stressful demands of our modern lives. Not to worry! Now is the time to make simple fixes for everything and simplify your laundry with a digital take that receives and delivers at your door. Hiring a specialised laundry service works the best!

About Quiclo

We are a premium laundry service provider in Hyderabad. We provide on-demand laundry services wherein you can schedule your laundry to be picked up through your phones. We stand apart as we promise hygiene, safety, quality and convenience in product and customer service. We use the best technology, teamed with efficient employees and safe detergents. We are the most preferred laundry service provider in Hyderabad, known for its convenient utility.

We Provide a Spectrum of Services:

Why Choose Our Services

  • We offer free pickup and delivery services and lucrative offers on the first order. 
  • To clean the clothes, we use superior and high-performance equipment.
  • We take care to handle your clothes and garments following their material texture.
  • We provide all requested laundry services at the most competitive prices.
  • State-of-the-art processing. We leave no stone unturned to offer desirable and satisfactory results. 
  • Safety on priority- We understand your concerns regarding safety and hygiene. We follow stringent guidelines and offer reputable laundry services in Hyderabad. 

How Do Professional Laundry Services Work at Quiclo?

You can perform these simple steps that will offer valuable insights on how professional services work at our place and how you can make the best use of our facilities especially curated for your requirements. 

Step 1: Download Our App

Hello there, users. We’ve made it easier for you. By downloading our app from the Google Play Store & App Store, you can now use the Quiclo laundry app to request our washing services anytime. Sign in with your login information, mobile number, and other details. You are now ready to avail our expert laundry services!

Step 2: Schedule Your Time and Location

Our app will list the various services we offer. You can schedule a pickup and drop-off by entering the location and a suitable time frame on the app. Our professionals will come and pick up your order from the location you have keyed in. Our app was created to keep track of your order history and provide express laundry services.

Step 3: Assembling

The next stage involves lining them up and processing them. Our certified experts follow this procedure by considering all the specifications and protocols. Later our well-equipped staff at Quiclo load the information into the database of a computer system for systematic records. Keeping track of all the clothing and maintaining a separate list for each client with their laundry-related requests will be helpful.

Step 4: Sorting

Our trained staff and certified experts at Quiclo would sort the clothes by type and colour, and fabric (white towels, bedsheets, and robes). It is performed by maintaining all the protocols for major safety and hygiene purposes. The dull appearance of white fabric can be avoided by washing coloured clothing separately from white clothing.

Step 5: Washing

Our experts have stringent guidelines and standards for each respective industry or client as per their specifications. We enable our customers to tell us their preferences regarding detergents, and fabric softeners, keeping in mind their specifications and offering valuable results. 

Step 6: Drying

We place the laundry in large dry sheets to remove excess moisture and perform the pressing procedure. There is a science behind this procedure being performed. We prefer outdoor drying; on days, humidity is relatively low, which is the best time to dry the clothes, which helps them to keep them away from moisture. 

Step 7: Pressing and Folding

The machines used for pressing are efficient and are performed by experienced staff members. We also take extra precautions to ensure that the fabric’s quality is not compromised while washing. You can also specify whether any of the clothes in your bundle require special care and attention. When you use Quiclo Laundry, the best online laundry service, assure you that you will never have to worry about the quality of service.

Step 8: Weighing

We use washing machines to meet international standards. Our certified experts use special detergents incorporating German nanotechnology to ensure that premium quality and feel post-wash. We take pride in our reputation as one of the best laundry services! Our qualified staff, and certified experts, in the end, ensure to maintain major weight discrepancies, and damaged or stained clothes are treated separately and aren’t mixed separately during the delivery. 

We are a one-stop shop that has enabled you to track your orders and achieve desirable results. You have full freedom to specify the type of care you want for the clothes you send. It includes specifications regarding hand washing, machine washing, and starching. We cater to all your specific requirements, including convenient pickup and delivery services. 

Our certified staff will happily offer you our laundry services that meet your last-minute washing requirements. We will even pick up laundry from several hotels, resorts, healthcare facilities, and restaurants. We at Quiclo offer lucrative offers like 50% off on your first order; sounds amazing, right?

Considering recent developments and technological progress, you can rest assured that your garments are in safe hands and offer hygienic and reputable services. We hope the above-listed pointers gave you valuable insights into how professional laundry services work at Quiclo. If you want quality and hygienic services, choose Quiclo Laundry and get the best laundry services at your doorstep in just a few scrolls!

Reasons Why Professional Laundry Services Are Important

Not Wash Your Clothes Unnecessarily – How To Prevent Colour Clothes From Fading

1. Fabric Care

Fabrics are the foremost thing that requires major attention during laundering or ironing. It is essential to understand that professionals and other laundry services use special detergents to scrub exclusive and expensive fabrics. 

2. Real-Time Customer Support

In the present regime, we at Quiclo are available as a team of representatives who are more than happy to meet your queries and offer professional laundry services exclusively designed for you! 

3. Escalate Productivity and Efficiency

Some of your expensive yet luxurious clothes might call for dry cleaning too. If you choose a professional dry cleaning and laundry service at Quiclo, you can expect an all-integrated service giving you peace of time at your doorstep. 

4. Cost Efficient

Our professionals ensure to provide the best results and make you feel more satisfied. You can get your expectations fulfilled with our professional laundry services and the perks of having amazing or enthralling offers under one roof. 

5. Convenience

Among all the benefits or advantages listed, user convenience stands out among others. We at Quiclo follow your washing preferences, place the order on mobile, and track the order from our laundry to your doorstep. We at Quiclo augment user convenience and offer promising professional laundry results that help you meet your requirements. We ensure to make this process more effortless and frictionless. 

Things To Keep in Mind While Choosing Professional Laundry Services

1. Pick-Up and Delivery Options

When outsourcing your laundry services, you would want to reduce your workload and become more productive on things that require major priorities. However, we present you with free pick and delivery options at your doorstep that is exclusively designed for you to ensure delivering professional results. 

2. Use of Professional Equipment and Quality Agents

Choose laundry services that utilise professional equipment and the safest cleaning agents such as detergents, softeners, bleach and more. Perform profound research regarding these cleaning agents and laundry services, as you need to know what is right for you. We at Quiclo ensure to use of only eco-friendly detergents that play a pivotal role in contributing to saving the planet and offering desirable results. In a nutshell, we are known for providing reputable and hygienic services. 

3. Choose Laundry Services That Match Your Preferences

It is vital to choose laundry services that match your preferences. It includes selecting the detergents that match your preferences, choice of fabric softeners, packaging and delivery preferences. 

4. The Flexibility of Laundry Services

Ensure you choose laundry services that understand your flexibility as a concern and help you offer desirable results. At Quiclo, we are flexible in rendering services to clients of different categories. We are ready to adapt to several needs of our clients and cater to their preferences. We ensure to offer quick pickup and delivery services, along with other coupled demands of our clients that satisfy them. 

5. Level of Experience

We at Quiclo are known to offer satisfactory results owned by experience levels to our prospective clients and customers. We have acquired a great deal of experience in the industry and are known to provide exceptional services at the end of the day! We have explained the above-listed pointers in a detailed manner on our website. Feel free to check our website, and get real-time insights on things to keep in mind while choosing professional laundry services. 

We have written a detailed blog on what are the things to keep in mind while choosing a laundry service provider. You can check by clicking on the link: Things to keep in mind while choosing laundry service.


A Superwash is What You Need As Cleanliness is Next To Godliness

We hope the above-listed points made you understand how professional laundry services work at Quiclo. To hire laundry services, quickly download the Quiclo App from Play Store or Apple Store, and make the best use of the plethora of laundry services at your fingertips!

You can let us know if we have missed out on any of the valuable pointers while choosing professional laundry services. Do give us your valuable feedback on the laundry services we provide at Quiclo. 


1) What are the services available at Quiclo?

Quiclo offers various services to reduce your burden, such as laundry, dry cleaning, stain removal, automated ironing, leather cleaning, pet bed and toys cleaning, shoe cleaning, and special saree cleaning.

2) What are the reasons for choosing Quiclo?

At Quiclo, clothes are better cared for using superior cleaning equipment to keep them hygienic and fresh, and their experts assure clean and damage-free results. It makes it more convenient with their doorstep pick-up & delivery. You can also track your order to know the status of your laundry.

3) What is the laundry procedure at Quiclo?

The laundry process at Quiclo has four simple steps. You should request a pickup. Quiclo’s executives will come to get your laundry. They give professional laundry treatment to your clothes at their centre and will deliver them to your doorstep once it is over.

4) Does Quiclo have an app?

Yes. Install the ‘Quiclo’ app on your phone for hassle-free laundry service in Hyderabad. It is simple to use, user-friendly, customisable, easy to track, and open to sharing your comments and suggestions as valuable feedback.


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