Where To Get Zari Saree Cleaning And Maintenance?

I owned a beautiful Zari saree that my mother gifted me for my wedding 20 years ago. Recently, I found it in a not-so-great condition in my wardrobe and wanted to clean it and repurpose it. I could use it for a lot of events and weddings coming up this season!

While it’s one of my most precious collections, I didn’t want to do the cleaning myself. Instead, I started looking for professional saree zari polishing near me

While none of my friends and family knew much about where to go or whom to ask, I decided to browse through the internet in the hopes of finding a solution. 

My Introduction to Quiclo

After browsing Google for online laundry services in Hyderabad, I also decided to search on social media. I came across multiple options that seemed promising. After careful consideration, I came across Quiclo and researched more about them. Their Instagram handle was quite creative and engaging, which got me more interested in them.

Their impressive 4.3 ⭐ rating and glowing reviews from more than 40,000 happy customers immediately caught my eye, establishing them as a reliable choice. 

Without any hesitation, I reached out to them, and they assured me of their top-notch dry cleaning service.

Quiclo’s Easy and Quick Process

After you download the app, these are the four steps in which Quiclo operates:

  • Scheduling a pickup

Requesting a pickup was an effortless task. I downloaded the app, provided my details, chose a suitable time slot and done! That’s it!

  • Doorstep pickup 

I loved how convenient it was to have my clothes picked up at home. A Quiclo representative quickly showed up at my door to collect the clothes after we agreed on a time slot.

  • Professional care

My saree was thoroughly cleaned, washed, and dried. I felt completely at ease, knowing that I could track my saree at any time of the day!

  • Perfect delivery 

My saree underwent two levels of quality checks. They were delivered back to me in less than 48 hours, looking flawless. Amazing, isn’t it?

The whole process was quite impressive and totally convinced me to choose them for all my future laundry needs! 

Why Choose Quiclo for your Laundry Services?

Looking for laundry services in Hyderabad that offer both quality and convenience? Look no further than Quiclo. As one of the best dry cleaners in Hyderabad, they provide a wide range of services from basic washing and drying to specialised stain removal and pet bed cleaning. 

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Quiclo:

  • Seamless integration of cutting-edge technology 
  • Laundry experts help with expert care 
  • Hassle-free door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Real-time order tracking 

Whether you need basic laundry or specialised services, you can always rely on Quiclo to handle it professionally!

Download the App Today!

Just like how I found the perfect solution to silk saree zari polishing at home, you can find the solutions to all your laundry problems with Quiclo, too!

And if you wish to simplify an already easy process, downloading the Quiclo App is your best bet! It’s the best way to track your order and stay informed about their offers!

Did you know that the Quiclo App is available to download on both Play Store and App Store? That’s right, you can use it on your mobile phones as well as tablets! Isn’t that super convenient?

Go ahead and download the app today to make your laundry and life easier!

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