10 Ways To Keep Clothes Clean And Hygienic During The Rainy Season


During the monsoon season in India, the rainfall is intense, and none of us can escape getting soaked in the heavy rain, even though some of us enjoy this time of the year. Consequently, we are inevitably faced with the challenging task of dealing with damp clothes. We all end up worrying about how to wash clothes in the rainy season. 

The clothes in the rainy season bring a higher level of dirt, germs, and debris to our fabrics, which persists if not properly laundered. So, how can you prevent moisture and unpleasant odours from spoiling your garments? Let’s discuss this in the blog.

Issues Faced In Maintaining Clean And Hygienic Clothes During The Rainy Season

During the rainy season, we hardly see the sun, but the issue doesn’t stop there. There is much struggle that goes along with it, including

  • Persistent Dampness: When it rains, clothes may stay damp for a long time, which can be uncomfortable and lead to odour problems.
  • Increased moisture creates an environment that is favourable for the growth of mould and mildew, which damages clothing and poses health risks.
  • Slow Drying: The drying process is slowed down by cloud cover, making it challenging to properly dry clothing.
  • Rainwater can carry mud and dirt, which can leave stains on clothing and necessitate frequent cleaning.
  • Excessive moisture speeds up colour fading in fabrics, making them look less appealing.
  • Regular washing schedules and outdoor drying options may be affected by frequent rain.
  • Increased Clothing Changes Owing to the Wet Weather: This results in a higher laundry load.

In rainy seasons, staying dry can be a challenge. But with proper clothing, we can avoid discomfort and skin issues.

10 Ways To Keep Clothes Clean And Hygienic During The Rainy Season

Here, I present to you 10 easy and effective tips for maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your clothes during the monsoons using your usual home laundry appliances.

1. Wash ’em Right Away

Listen up! Don’t store your clothes in the laundry bag or washing machine during the rainy season—it’s not smart. Especially when your clothes are drenched from the downpour, you need to get them in the wash pronto once you’re home. 

This ensures all the grime and bacteria are kicked to the curb, keeping your fabrics smelling fresh as a daisy. Investing in a reliable washing machine to handle the extra laundry during the monsoons is a good call. You can even make your life easier by checking out the “best 5 washing machines” to quickly pick a rock-solid and dependable product.

2. Removing Dampness With An Iron

Have you experienced the frustration of folding freshly dried clothes only to discover lingering dampness, especially with larger fabrics like bed sheets or sarees? 

To ensure absolute dryness, consider promptly ironing these fabrics once they’re dry. This technique guarantees impeccably clean, pleasantly fragrant, and wonderfully smooth clothing.

3. Enhance Indoor Air Circulation

In addition to controlling indoor humidity levels, it’s critical to ensure that the space where you’re air-drying your garments has adequate ventilation. A room’s stagnant air has a propensity to keep moisture in materials trapped, delaying the drying process. Open all windows and doors, turn on the exhaust and ceiling fans, and do all this quickly. This routine will promote regular airflow throughout the home, allowing moisture to evaporate and guaranteeing that your laundry is completely dry and revitalised.

4. Wash Clothes In The Light Of Day

Even during the wet season, daytime temperatures are usually higher than nighttime ones. Even if you’re limited indoors, take advantage of this opportunity to dry your garments effectively. 

Always leave enough space between items to allow for optimal drying. Your wardrobe could benefit from including things like silicon bags, scented detergent, and camphor balls to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

5. Professional Assistance

Wearing fresh, fragrant clothing every day during the monsoon season can be difficult. However, with Quiclo available at your doorstep, bad weather won’t prevent you from getting fresh, scented attire for work or other engagements. 

Along with free pickup and delivery laundry services in Hyderabad, we offer a wide variety of laundry services. Connect with us to take advantage of our services and bid goodbye to all your laundry problems!

6. Use Waterproof Storage

Maintaining your clothing from the damaging effects of moisture, mould, and mildew is crucial during the rainy season. The elevated humidity levels can swiftly cause fabric deterioration, offensive odours, and even possible health risks.

Adopting preventive measures that guarantee the longevity and freshness of your clothing is crucial to overcoming these problems.

7. Pre-Wash Soaked Clothes

When exposed to rain, your clothing will become totally drenched, and how to dry clothes during rainy seasons becomes one major problem.  These drenched clothes contain dirt, pollutants, or foreign particles that may have attached to the fabric during its damp state. It is necessary to clean the rain-soaked clothing carefully. Hence it is advised to run a pre-washing cycle separately.

This proactive technique not only contributes to keeping your clothing clean overall, but it also helps to avoid the formation of tough stains that would otherwise manifest themselves during the following wash cycles.

8. Choose A Reliable Laundry Detergent

The detergent you use can make a big difference in how well your clothes stay clean and fresh. It is advised to choose a detergent that has a track record of successfully addressing a variety of laundry difficulties, such as stains, dirt, and unpleasant odours. 

Purchasing a reliable detergent that works well can guarantee that your clothing gets the complete cleaning it requires.

9. Don’t Ignore Footwear Care

As the rainy season approaches, it’s crucial to include your footwear in your routine maintenance. In particular, during this time when wet conditions create an inviting environment for fungal and bacterial growth, neglecting proper maintenance might have unintended repercussions. 

These bacteria not only endanger your feet’s health but also run the risk of spreading to your apparel.

10. Utilise Camphor Balls

During the rainy season, are you bothered by the foul smells coming from your clothes, wet shoes, or carpets? The situation is made worse by the increased humidity in the air, which is the main cause of this problem. 

Placing several camphor balls inside your closet is a simple and effective way to keep your clothes smelling fresh. These balls perform a dual function by providing your clothing with a pleasant fragrance while simultaneously absorbing extra moisture from the air.

Get Rid Of Washing Machine Smells

As we talk about unpleasant smells and how to get rid of them, allow us to share a smart tip for cleaning your washing machine. Consider using a clever tip involving baking powder if you have a front-load washing machine. 

Simply add some baking powder to the drum and start the “normal wash” cycle. This easy method gives the washing machine a thorough cleaning while also efficiently removing any lingering odours from the drum, revitalising it and making it ready for the subsequent load of laundry.

Quiclo For Quick Washing Services

How to wash clothes during the rainy season has been the talk of the town always. Why worry when you have the most reliable laundry services provider in Hyderabad, “Quiclo”, available at your doorstep? Quiclo Laundry can help you dry clothes during the rainy season with no worries. Feel free to get in touch with us by either visiting our website or downloading the Hyderabad laundry app.

Wrapping It Up Neatly

Just as we give ourselves an extra umbrella shield, caring for your clothes during the rainy season requires a little more “Tender Love & Care”! Quality fabrics, snug storage, a spa day for your clothes, and keeping in mind the advice I previously shared will help you stay warm. By doing this, you can be sure that even when it rains, your clothes will look just as fashionable as you. You can therefore walk around with a beaming smile while the raindrops fall. Keep those clean, comfortable clothes handy and have a happy monsoon!


1. What do we wear our clothes when it is raining?

If it’s raining, keep dry by donning waterproof or water-resistant clothing, such as raincoats and waterproof boots.

2. What should we wear during the rainy season and why?

During the rainy season, choose waterproof clothing to keep you dry and comfortable, such as rain boots and rain jackets.

3. How do you protect clothes in the rainy season?

Use waterproof covers or carry an umbrella to protect your clothing during the rainy season to keep it from getting wet.

4. What do you wear in the rainy season for kids?

To keep kids dry and comfortable while playing outside during the rainy season, dress them in raincoats and waterproof shoes.


5. Can we wash clothes in rainwater?

Although it is possible to wash clothes in rainwater, it is best to collect and use rainwater for non-potable purposes due to the possibility of contaminants.


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