Useful Tips On How To Prevent Colour Clothes From Fading

Are you tired of colour fading and looking for ideas on how to stop colour fading in clothes? Then go through this blog for 10 useful tips on how to prevent the colours of clothes from fading. 


What is fun in dressing up without adding a dash of colour and vibrance? Well, although it is all nice to wear colourful clothes, the real trouble comes when you have to wash them. Washing coloured clothes is a tricky sport in itself as they are prone to colour fading. There is nothing more heartbreaking than stains from your blue jacket spoiling your favourite white shirt. In washing clothes, it is of utmost importance to know how to stop colour fading in clothes and to keep your clothes intact. Go through this blog to know how to prevent clothes from fading. 

Why Do Colour Clothes Fade?

Imagine buying a fresh pair of trendy jeans, and then you witness that it has started to fade. You would have wondered a million times as to how to prevent jeans from fading. Before you learn how to stop the clothes from fading, you need to know why they fade. In general, manufacturers use dyes and pigment substances to make the fabric colours and produce coloured garments. Sometimes, these pigments or dyes lose their molecular bonding with the fabric while washing. This causes the dyes from coloured clothes to fade away.

10 Useful Tips on How To Prevent Colour Clothes From Fading

1. Always Follow The Instructions on The Tag

The first thumb rule in washing clothes is to always make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Every cloth has a tag with instruction on how to wash it. You can see the tag, and you will find instructions like dry wash only, wash in cold water, do not dry it in direct sunlight and more. These instructions on being followed will ensure that the quality of your clothes is intact and is the right solution for the question of how to stop colour fading in clothes. 

2. Wash The Dark-Coloured Clothes And Light Ones Separately

Always make sure that you separate the dark-coloured clothes from the white and other light-coloured clothes. You do not want your dark-coloured clothes to stain and leave impressions on the lighter ones. Do you? One of the best ways to wash your clothes safely is to wash all the whites together, all the lights together, and all the dark-coloured clothes together. This way you can prevent your clothes from colour fading on the other clothes. 

3. Make Sure Your Clothes Are Inside Out Before Washing

No matter how carefully you wash your clothes, there are possibilities of the quality of the clothes to tamper down. So, to be wise and avoid causing damage to the front and visible parts of your clothes, you can make use of the inside-out technique. Turn your clothes inside out and wash them always. If you are wondering how to prevent jeans from fading, then this is the right technique. This makes sure that while washing, only the inside parts of your clothes fades away rather than the visible outside part of your clothes. This is one of the simplest tips for how to prevent clothes from fading.

4. Avoid Using The Dryer

A dryer is the easiest way to quickly dry your clothes, and it can be tempting to use a dryer every time you wash your clothes and want to dry them. But did you know that using a dryer can roughen the layer of clothes and tampers with the texture of the fabrics? This can lead to fading out of your fabrics’ colours and makes your clothes look dull. So, make sure you limit the usage of a dryer and dry your clothes in a natural setting.

5. A Gentle Detergent Should Be Used

Always make sure that the detergent you use for washing your clothes is of good quality. There are numerous detergents in the market that are made of harsh chemicals and components, which of course do a good job of removing away the dirt and stain but can mess with the quality of the clothing. So, it is best to check for the components of the detergent and use a milder one. The milder the detergent is, the better the ability of the clothes and their quality to stay intact. 

6. Salt is Not Just For The Kitchen

Did you know that salt can help out in the laundry room as well? Yes, it does. How you wash your garment for the first time says a lot about how well it will be maintained. So, if you are planning to wash your garments for the first time, make sure that you add a pinch of salt to them. So, what exactly does a pinch of salt do to your clothes? Salt in the cloth locks the colour of the fabrics and prevents the colour from fading. Salt can be one of the most solid solutions for how to prevent clothes from fading.

7. Use Fabric Conditioner For The Best Washing

Fabric conditioners are a help when it comes to maintaining the quality of your clothes for a long time. Fabric conditioners work in such a way that they provide extra strength, lubrication and moisture to the fibres of the clothes. This reduces the friction of the clothes when being washed and makes sure they are not subject to wear and tear easily, thereby reducing fading. This can be the solution how to stop black clothes from fading.

8. Vinegar Can Come As A Help

As you can see, the more washes you do, the more clothes slowly start fading away. This is because the detergent used has alkalies that slowly form a bond with the fibres in the clothes. These slowly form a residue on the clothes. After numerous washes, your clothes will start to look dull, and the colour will fade away. Vinegar comes as a help in the situation. If you are wondering how to stop black clothes from fading and becoming dull, vinegar can be the help. The acid present in vinegar will remove the detergent residue that is built up in the clothes and thus prevent the clothes from colour fading. 

9. Avoid Overloading The Washing Machine

Washing clothes is a huge and monotonous task, and it is only normal to have the urge to stuff the clothes up to the brim of the washer. However, stuffing the clothes to the fullest can cause friction between the clothes. This will, in turn, cause the molecules of the clothes to break and lead to cloth fading. There is also a higher chance of your clothes not getting washed and thoroughly cleaned as you might want to. So, if you are wondering how to stop colour fading in clothes, then avoid overloading your washing machine. 

10. Do Not Wash Your Clothes Unnecessarily

The urge to wash your clothes after wearing them every time is valid and understandable. With the demands of the times, hygiene is of utmost importance. However, if you have used the clothes and worn them only for a less amount of time, it doesn’t hold well to wash them frequently. Washing your clothes frequently makes the molecule bonds of the clothes weaken and break off, thereby leading to staining. You can rather dry them out in the natural setting. However, do not dry them in direct contact with the sunlight. Place it in a shady place where there is enough light and warmth for your clothes to dry properly. Only wash your clothes if you have worn them all day long and they have dirt and stains. 

Hope the above gave you a solution to your question on how to stop colour fading in clothes. If you wonder how to prevent clothes from fading, let us give you an easy solution at Quiclo. Quiclo is one of the best laundry service providers in Hyderabad that will provide you with quality laundry services and prevent the colour fading of clothes. If you have any queries, reach out to us or leave a comment below. 

FAQs - Useful Tips on How To Prevent Color Clothes From Fading

1. How do I keep my coloured clothes from fading?

You can prevent your coloured clothes from fading by washing them as per the instructions on the label, making use of cold water to wash the clothes, washing it separately from whites and letting them dry naturally.

2. Does vinegar keep colours from fading?

Yes, vinegar does help to prevent your clothes from colour fading. Adding half a cup of vinegar to a load of clothes while washing can prevent it from colour fading. To wash your clothes without fading, reach out to Quiclo.

3. How do you protect the colour of new clothes?

To prevent colour fading in new clothes, wash them less frequently. If you haven’t worn your clothes for a long time and it is dirt free, then simply let them air dry for some time instead of washing them. You can add salt the first time you wash your new clothes, as it locks the colour of the fabric and prevents it from fading.

4. How do you wash clothes without fading them?

  • Follow the instructions on the label tag
  • Wash your clothes inside out
  • Do not use dryers and dry your clothes naturally
  • Make use of vinegar to avoid colour fading.
  • Fabric conditioners can also come as a help.


To wash clothes without fading, you can reach out to Quiclo and avail of their services.

5. How to prevent my red dress from fading?

To prevent your red dress from colour fading, always make sure that you wash it separately. Follow the washing instructions on the label and also make use of cold water to wash your clothes. Use a mild detergent for washing, and make sure that your red dress is inside out while washing.

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