Saving, With Laundry Chores At Home

Let’s accept it. Nobody likes doing laundry except us. Quiclo, the best laundry service in Hyderabad loves what we do and aim to save your laundry chores at home.  Nonetheless, we understand some of you would prefer washing your laundry at home, thinking it would save money. What you donʼt realise is that most of you do laundry more than once a week. When it comes to value for money, we do not compromise. It would help to know that you would actually be spending more by doing laundry at home. There are a few tips that can save some money for you and we are listing those below:  

Here is a Fun Fact! Did you know that your washing machine and dryer actually consume more electrical energy than most of the other electrical appliances that you might use on a daily basis at home?  

Therefore, even before we begin with our list, it would help to mention that there are several energy-saving and eco-friendly options when it comes to washing machines are dryers now. They not only save water but the electricity consumed too.  

That aside, there are several ways to save money and electricity while doing laundry all the while maintaining the condition and quality of your clothes. All these tips listed here are easy breezy and donʼt weigh you down heavily.  

Saving, With Laundry Chores At Home

1. Wash Your Clothes With Cold Water

Even if not cold water, use warm water. When you use warm water instead of using hot water, it reduces the energy consumed by the washing machine. But what is best is using cold water. There are also cold water detergents that make sure your clothes are pristine since they are designed to work efficiently in cold water.  

2. Wash an Entire Load

It does not matter what the size of your laundry load is, your washing machine is going to use up the same amount of energy. So please collect your laundry when it amounts to a lot and then throw it in the washing machine. It is far better than washing two or three clothes in the machine every day.  

3. Be Aware of the Size of the Load in the Dryer

Here is the thing with dryers. They are tricky. If your clothes are too few, the dryer takes extra time to do the job and this consumes a lot of energy. If the pile is too big and the machine is stuffed, the dryer takes a long time resulting in extra electricity consumption again. So make sure the size of laundry you throw into your dryer is just about right.  

4. Air Drying is Always an Option

We are going to give you a reality check. Life has advanced a lot, with a machine for almost all our needs. Most of us have dryers at home, but most of us still dry clothes the traditional way. We still hand them on a clothesline and let them air dry. This is the best option. It kills bacteria more effectively as well.  

5. Make Use of the Dryer When it is Still Warm

Remember we told you that the size of your laundry load matters when it comes to the dryer? In case your load is too big, please put in the rest of the clothes as soon as you take a batch of dried clothes out. The machine would still be hot and lesser electricity would be required to get it going.  

6. Dryer Balls to the Rescue!

There are wool and dryer balls that can be brought to make your laundry life easier. Sometimes even a tennis ball will do. Throw it in the dryer along with the rest of your laundry and see what a difference it makes. They create space in between your clothes and get more air to each of them, fastening the drying process altogether. This will reduce time and electricity. It also reduces the static between clothes.  

7. The Lint Filter Has to Be Cleaned

The lint filter in the dryer collects material quite quickly. This can hinder the drying process over time. Hence, it has to be removed and cleaned often. Will will increase the efficiency of the dryer. You can clean it by gently scrubbing it off with a toothbrush.  

8. Use the Most Effective Speed in the Washer

Always use the highest speed of the cycle in the washing machine. This makes sure that most of the moisture is removed before the clothes dry. This in turn reduces the time taken to clean, which reduces the electricity. It also protects against the damage of fabric from high temperatures.  

9. Low Heat Still Dries Your Clothes!

Keep the temperature low in the dryers. This might increase the duration of the process but it will definitely use lesser energy. 

10. Separate Towels and Heavy Laundry

Do not put your towels and bedding together with your daily laundry. They only increase the time taken to complete the cycle.  

11. Make Use of the Cool-Down Cycle

This dries your clothes with the remaining heat, hence proving efficient.  

12. Utilise the Moisture Sensor Option

Make sure you get a dryer with a moisture sensor option. This switches off the machine when the clothes are dry, automatically. This saves energy and keeps the clothes intact.  

13. ENERGY STAR-Certified Machines

Have you ever noticed an energy star sticker on your washing machine and dryer? This is indicative that the machine uses 25% lesser energy than most models when it comes to washing machines and 20% lesser when it comes to dryers.  

These are some of the things to keep in mind if you want to save money by doing laundry at home. We would like to remind you that letting Quiclo take care of your laundry is a far better option and cost-effective too, on the whole. Did you know that we are one of the best online laundry services in Hyderabad? We have a user-friendly app, available at PlayStore and AppStore that makes the whole process much easier. Download now and youʼll see how.  

Please let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions.


1. How can I save time doing laundry?

Sort your clothes ahead of time, set a timer to help you stay on schedule, utilize a laundry service, or buy a washer and dryer with time-saving features to cut down on the time it takes to do laundry.

2. Is doing your laundry a chore?

Due to its repetitive nature, doing laundry can be a chore for some people. Others, however, might find having clean clothes and a neat home to be relaxing or satisfying.

3. What are the benefits of doing laundry at home?

Cost savings, convenience, control over the washing process, and the flexibility of customising laundry care to suit specific needs are all advantages of doing laundry at home.

4. How can I say money on washing clothes at home?

Use energy-efficient appliances, wash clothing in cold water, air-dry garments rather than a dryer, and avoid overloading the washer to prevent damage and lengthen the machine’s lifespan to save money when doing laundry at home.

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