How To Clean Your Pet’s Bed : A Complete Guide

Like us, pets deserve to have beds that are comfy, cozy, and clean. As a pet owner, if you’re planning to buy a proper bed for your pets, the maintenance can be a tedious, challenging, and time-consuming task. Let’s learn how to clean your pets bed with this comprehensive guide.

Here comes the tricky part, cleaning your dog’s bed requires deep, proper cleaning. Some come with washable covers, and others need scrubbing with hands. It is essential to clean them thoroughly as germs pass through the covers and the whole cleaning purpose goes in vain. Washing your cat’s bedding is highly crucial if it is a hairless breed or with health problems. If not properly maintained, the bed produces a foul smell, especially when it’s humid. 

We all know that a comfortable bed is a necessity for good sleep, even more so when you’re trying to live the best life possible! Pets are the same, and they need to sleep soundly on their comfortable beds. If you aren’t sure how to clean your pets bed, then this guide is for you! 

Keeping your pet’s bed clean is vital so that they can stay healthy and happy, and if you don’t do it regularly, there’s a good chance that they’ll be facing a problem with allergens. It can lead to not just your pet, but even you will be suffering from allergies, which is why we recommend you clean your pet’s bed once a week. 

Pets cover a wide range of animal buddies adopted by humans. But let’s dive into ideas of cleaning beds for 2 of the most popular ones. Cats and dogs.

How To Clean A Dog Bed?

How to clean a dog bed

You will need the following for thorough cleaning of your dog’s bed:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • Soft scrub brush
  • Laundry detergent and enzyme cleaner
  • Large tub

i) Vacuum Your Dog Bed

Vacuum clean your dog bed – How to clean a dog bed

This is the first process in cleaning your dog bed. Vacuuming is monotonous, but it’s also essential. A vacuum with a special attachment for animal hair is the best way to do it. Ensure to vacuum the dog bed between the padding, the interiors, and the exteriors.

While cleaning the dog bed, one needs to run a broom over it first to remove loose fur. Vacuuming over the bed should still be done once again to remove debris thoroughly. Picking up dog fur strands from carpets is also something one could do before vacuuming them to have better results if there are more in some areas than others.

ii) Spot Clean Stains and Soak in Soapy Water

Use an enzyme cleaner or spray remover with a clean towel in your kit. Treating stains needs to be performed before washing or soaking. To get rid of stains caused by dirty paws and mud that can occur naturally on a dog bed, it’s best to spot-clean them using basic supplies in your home.

That includes an enzyme cleaner which you can make yourself at home or get at a local pet store. All one needs is a clean towel and some baking soda to complete this task.

You can soak your dog’s bed in soapy water for 20 minutes and kill bacteria effectively. Have a large tub to submerge the laundry detergent for a deep clean. If bedding is overly stained and wet, don’t be afraid to toss it out and start over. Especially if your dog’s mouth has been on the fabric; this can get them sick. Also, you can put it into a washing machine with hot water, a cup of vinegar, baking soda and detergent.

iii) Use Baking Soda For Scrubbing The Dog Bed and Rinse Thoroughly

Use Baking Soda- How to clean a dog bed

Baking soda is the best method to get rid of foul smells and neutralise strong fragrances. Pests are unwelcome in any home, but what’s even worse is when these pests drag their friends into places as well and start breeding! If your cat or dog happens to bring some unwanted company home one day, the simplest way to deal is with a toothbrush and some reasonable old-fashioned diligence to remove flea larvae.

It is essential to remove all traces of detergent (even when using mild, chemical-free cleaners in some cases) during the washing process. Otherwise, your dog may be allergic to the remaining residue on your dog’s items. The best way to do this is by placing your dog’s bedding in the same basin/tub you washed your laundry in and running it through more than one rinse cycle to remove all traces of soap.

iv) Wring and Dry The Different Bedding Sections To Get Rid of Excess Water

Wring and dry the different bedding- How to clean a dog bed

Once you’ve removed all the moisture possible, take your dog bed outside on a mat in indirect sunlight where it can dry thoroughly. Depending on your dog’s preferences and the type of stuffing or padding of your dog’s bed, it may still take several hours to air out completely.

How To Clean A Cat Bed?

i) Give The Bed a Good Shake To Remove Hair

Remove the Cat Hair – How to clean a cat bed

Give the bed a good shake, it can remove all the particles and hair. You can use a small stick to gently remove the other hair particles and throw them in the trash. You can place it under solid sunlight to kill bacteria, kill moulds, and enhance freshness. You can use a lint remover or sticky tape to remove the hair that sticks to the bed.

ii) Use Washing Machine to Clean Oil From Bet

Use Washing Machine- How to clean a cat bed

Hairless cat breeds, such as the Bambino, may produce oils that can stain your bedsheets during the night. The best way to combat this is to put your bed sheet through a cycle in the washing machine which will help keep them fresh. You can use laundry detergents with less fragrance and dyes that might irritate the cat’s skin.

iii) Use Liquid Soap To Remove Oil From Your Pet’s Bedding

Use Liquid detergent- How to clean a cat bed

You can use pet-safe detergent or liquid washing soap to remove oil from your pet’s bedding. If the cat beds aren’t washable, you can adopt the method of hand washing. Make sure to wash your cat’s bed with cold water, along with fabric softeners.

iv) Avoid Using Essential Oils While Cleaning Cat Bed

Avoid Using Essential Oils- How to Clean a cat bed

Try to avoid essential oils while cleaning your cat’s bed. You can vacuum to remove hair particles and avoid moulds from growing. Baking soda can act as a powerful neutralizer to reduce pet scents too.

Overview – How To Clean Your Pets Bed

  •  Choose detergents that are unscented or fragrance-free to avoid allergic reactions in your pets.
  •  If the dog’s bed has a removable cover, perform a machine wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.
  • Occasionally, you can use pet-safe shampoos to reduce oils coming off your pets.

We hope these tips helped you how to clean dog beds and cat beds. You can follow the above steps and read the product manufacturer’s instructions, for efficient cleaning. We hope you enjoyed reading this complete guide on how to clean a pet’s bed and learned new and interesting tricks to clean dog and cat beds. Also, do contact us if you have any queries or suggestions or download our app from Play Store or Apple Store. You can share your feedback in the following section as well


1) Is washing your dog’s bed with detergent safe?

Use a gentle, non-toxic, unscented, pet-safe detergent to wash your dog’s bed. As the care tag directs, you can wash it in the washing machine with the warm water temperature and wash cycle.

2) How to handwash your dog’s bed?

Soak in the dog’s bed with a non-toxic, unscented, mild and pet-safe detergent in a bucket of warm water for 10 to 15 mins. You can use a toothbrush to scrub the corners, rinse thoroughly, and air dry them.

3) How to keep your dog’s bed from smelling?

Direct sunlight can remove bacteria and foul odours. Keeping the pet bed in the sunlight once a week helps. You can also wipe the bed with a mixture of one tablespoon of water and a cup of distilled white vinegar to keep the bed from smelling.

4) How often should you wash your dog’s bed?

It is better to wash your pet’s bed every week or at least once every two weeks to maintain your furry buddies’ hygiene, health and safety. You can also vacuum your pet’s mattress regularly to keep them clean before the time of washing.

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