How To And How Often Should You Dry Clean A Suit Jacket

Do you love wearing suit jackets but are worried about the hassles involved in cleaning them? Well, in this blog, you will find the answers to how to clean a suit jacket safely. Read the blog to learn about the process involved in cleaning the suit jacket.


Suit jackets are the best clothing that gives class and excellence in look. But the whole hassle of wearing and maintaining a suit jacket boils down to the question of how to clean a suit jacket. The suit jacket is one of the most important pieces of clothing you will ever own. It is the foundation of your wardrobe for a classy look. In short, it is the one piece of clothing that is essential for a formal look.

How to Clean a Suit Jacket?

There are many different ways by which you can clean a suit. Let us look at the obvious methods on how to clean a suit jacket.

1. Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning – How Often Should You Dry Clean A Suit

Few clothes come with instructions that say dry cleaning only, and in that case, you need to go forward with dry cleaning without a second thought. If you are thinking about dry cleaning your suit jacket at home, you need to be careful and follow certain things like how to dry clean and how often should you dry clean a suit.

  • First of all, you need to buy a dry cleaning kit. A dry cleaning kit comes with a dry cleaning solvent and a stain removal solution.
  • Apply the stain removal solvent to the affected area of the suit where there are stains and remove the stains. Before using it, run a patch test on a small area of the suit to avoid spoiling the suit jacket.
  • Once the stain is removed, you can place your suit jacket in the dry cleaning bag and then place the dry cleaning solvent pack in the bag. The dry cleaning solvent pack will contain an emulsifier, a little bit of water, and an aroma-inducing freshener.
  • After this, you can place your dry cleaning bag in the dryer and switch on the machine. The dryer should be of optimum heat and temperature. 20 to 30 minutes would be an ideal time to dry clean the suit jacket.
  • Later you can pick off your suit jacket, and you can see a few wrinkles on them since you dry-cleaned it. Let it air dry for some time.
  • Then you can iron it. Knowing how to iron your suit jacket is as important as knowing how to clean a suit jacket. You can not use water when ironing, and you need to steam iron the suit jacket.

Once the process is done, you can safely hang your suit jacket on the hanger without letting the shape crumble.

How Often Should You Dry Clean a Suit Jacket?

How often should you dry clean a suit jacket

If you are thinking about how often should you dry clean a suit, dry clean your suit jacket every time you wear it. After all, the more you wear it, the more likely is it to get dirty.

It’s a good idea to dry clean your suit jacket after every wear, but there are other times when you don’t need to do so. For instance, if you have stains or staining on a shirt, you can put it in the wash and let it dry and use the stain remover on it. By doing so, you can prevent the stain from spreading onto your suit jacket.

2. Machine Washing

Machine washing – How Often Should You Dry Clean A Suit

Cleaning a suit with a machine should strictly be carried out only after doing a patch test on the suit.

  • If you are worried about how to clean a suit jacket without dry cleaning, then first, apply a little bit of the detergent mixed with water on the suit jacket and try to wipe it off. See if the suit is losing colour. If yes, then you have to dry clean your suit and strictly stick to it. If not, then you can go ahead and wash it in the machine.
  • You can use detergent and water to remove hard stains in the suit jackets if there are any. Later you can turn the jacket inside out and put the suit jacket in a mesh bag. Let the machine run at an optimum temperature and speed.
  • Cold drying the suit is a much better option while using a washing machine. Later pick off the suit and let it dry normally.

3. Hand Washing

Hand Washing – How to Clean a Suit Jacket

If you are personally interested in cleaning clothes by yourself and wonder how to clean a suit jacket by hand, you can carry it out safely by following a few measures.

  • You need to apply the same patch-testing techniques as washing the suit jacket in the machine. You need to apply some detergent and water to the stains in the suit and check if the colour is fading out. If not, you can move ahead and wash it by hand. Use a mild detergent on stains and wash them off.
  • Later rinse off the whole suit with cold water and wash it. Then, let the suit air dry on its own.

How to Take Care of a Suit Jacket

How to take care of a suit jacket – How to Clean a Suit Jacket

It is necessary to know how to clean a suit jacket and take care of it. There are a few measures to be followed in maintaining a suit jacket and keeping it intact for a longer time.

  • Dry clean the suit jacket only if the instructions on the clothes say so.
  • Always run a patch test before dry cleaning, machine cleaning, or even hand washing.
  • Steam-iron the suit jacket and strictly avoid using water while ironing the suit jacket.
  • Keep the suit jacket on a hanger and allot a separate bag for it. Keep the suit separately to avoid the suit from getting crumbled.
  • Use quality bags and hangers to save your suit and keep it intact.


We hope the above information was helpful and you got to know how to clean a suit jacket and how often should you dry clean a suit for effective usage. Quiclo Laundry provides amazing dry cleaning services, and you can make use of it to clean your suit jacket. That’s it, for now. Also, do contact us if you have any queries or suggestions or download our app from Play Store or Apple Store.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, and feel free to get in touch with us or drop a comment below if you have any other ideas on cleaning a suit.


1) Is it better to dry clean or wash a suit?

It is always better to dry clean suits since it protects the fabric from water and heat damage. Dry cleaning extends the shelf life of suit coats by removing dirt, soil, stain, etc. However, suits made of synthetic materials or those with specific trims are unsuitable for dry cleaning.

2) Do suits shrink after dry cleaning?

Suits made of wool, cashmere or silk materials are more likely to shrink since these natural fibres tend to dwindle when exposed to heat, agitation, or chemicals. Other factors, such as fabric, construction and the specific dry-cleaning process, also cause shrinkage in suit coats.

3) How often should you dry clean a suit coat?

It is significant to wash your clothes once every three to six months. Suppose you wear it occasionally; once a year is sufficient. Keep note that dry cleaning frequently can damage the fabric.

4) How often can you wear a suit before washing it?

You can wear a jacket or suit 4 to 5 times before washing. But the period may reduce to 2 to 3 times depending on the environment if you spilt something and how long you wore it.

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