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Are you headed to the dry cleaners? Make the monotonous chore interesting. This blog has wrapped up a few fun facts about dry cleaning. Go through this blog to know more about it.  The herculean task of washing and cleaning clothes is a chore that is never-ending.  Clothes which need professional dry cleaning services are in a way a rescue for us. 

If you are headed toward dry cleaners and want to make the monotonous chore interesting, then this blog is the space for a few fun facts about dry cleaning. Go through this blog for a few fun facts about dry cleaning that will help you out and be of great aid to getting the right services done.  

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes?

Benefits of Dry Cleaning
  • Dry cleaning is to help save delicate clothes from wearing off. 
  • It is the best way to wash clothes made of materials like silk, linen, wool, leather, rayon, denim and more. 
  • Dry cleaning is used to remove hard stains that wouldn’t go off otherwise. 
  • It is generally carried out by dry cleaning professionals, and they know to keep the clothes in good condition. 
  • Dry cleaning helps to keep the clothes safe and undamaged for longer periods of time.

Fun Facts About Dry Cleaning

1. Spill The Petrol

Spill The Petrol

Will you be willing to pour petrol into your clothes for cleaning purposes? Would you believe it if I told you that in the earlier days, petroleum was used as the cleaning solvent for dry cleaning? This is one of the quirky facts about dry cleaning. 

Nowadays, perchloroethylene is the most preferred product that is used as the dry cleaning solvent for clothes. Well, times have changed, and you wouldn’t have to make use of petrol anymore.

2. Void Of Water And Detergent

Void of Water and Detergent

Dry cleaning is one of the most preferred methods of cleaning to safeguard specific kinds of clothes, is what we infer. What exactly happens in dry cleaning? 

Did you know that dry cleaning does not make use of water or detergent? Washing clothes without water and detergent might seem impossible, but that is exactly what dry cleaning does. 

Dry cleaning makes use of specific cleaning solvents that will clean and wash your clothes without causing any damage or rupture to the clothes. Washing clothes without water is one of the most amusing fun facts about dry cleaning. 

3. Know The Labels

Know The Label

Going by the labels might not work for other things, but labels are vital when it comes to washing clothes. Whenever you wash a cloth, look for the label instruction that is provided on your cloth. Most clothes which say “dry clean” can actually be washed by hand or even a washing machine can be made use of for the same. 

When it comes to clothes with labels that say, “Dry clean only”, it is best to get professional dry cleaning services from dry cleaners like Quiclo. It is strictly necessary to stick to what the labels say and get your services from the dry cleaners. 

4. Rescues Your Clothes From Shrinkage

How To Dry Your Cashmere Shawl

Did you buy a new shirt in your favourite colour? Is shrinkage the biggest worry that pushes you to dread washing it? Well, you know what dry cleaning can come as an aid in this situation. Clothes shrink when they are washed with water and detergent. 

To avoid this and maintain the texture and style of your shirt intact, dry cleaning will help. Dry cleaning will not shrink your clothes and, in fact, will aid you in maintaining the clothes much better. This is one of the most useful facts about dry cleaning. 

5. Slide Into The Guidelines

Slide into the guidelines

Looking for guidelines is an essential entity when it comes to dry cleaning. These are guidelines for drying your clothes. A square with a circle inside it indicates that the cloth can be tumbled safely and dried. 

If the symbol has numerous dots inside the tumble, then it indicates that there are different temperatures that must be put to use. A single dot stands for low heat, two dots stand for medium, and three dots stand for high heat setting. 

6. Dry Cleaning Might Reduce Wear And Tear

Dry Cleaning Might Reduce Wear And Tear

It is no doubt that clothes are subject to wear and tear after a long run. When we keep using certain clothes for a long period of time, it is only normal that clothes will wear and tear. Fabrics tend to lose out on their molecular bond and become brittle. 

Dry cleaning helps reverse this. When you carry out dry cleaning for your clothes, your clothes will be restored back to their molecular bond and will get washed well too. This is one of the facts about dry cleaning which keeps people coming back to avail of this service more. 

7. An Eco-Friendly Solvent Holds Good

Eco-Friendly Solvent Holds Good

Did you know that washing materials and detergents contain a lot of chemicals that are pretty harmful to our environment? Washing our clothes need not deteriorate nature. Dry cleaning clothes can come with using materials that are mild and goes well on clothes. 

These materials also need to be eco-friendly and should hold good to be used in the long run. There are many dry cleaners like Quiclo Laundry that make use of eco-friendly solvents for dry cleaning purposes. Pick dry cleaners like this and choose a healthy alternative for your cleaning services. 

The above are a few fun facts and beyond about dry cleaning services. Want to avail a good dry cleaning service at the right place? Well, Quiclo Laundry is the only option for you.

Quiclo Laundry is a smart laundry service provider that offers a plethora of laundry services within 48 hours of availing the service. Also, do contact us if you have any queries or suggestions or download our app from Play Store or Apple Store. If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments below. 


1) What is the benefit of dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning removes the grease and oils from the clothes, which do not dissolve in a regular water wash. It removes soil and stains from fabric without damaging the clothes and prevents shrinking.

2) Is dry cleaning better than regular washing?

Dry cleaning differs from wet cleaning in terms of the washing style. The former doesn’t use water, while the latter uses it. Dry cleaning is for clothes and delicate items with stubborn stains that are difficult to remove by regular washing.

3) What chemical is used in dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning doesn’t involve water but includes liquid solvents. The most commonly used chemical solvent is perchloroethylene. The other alternative solvents are 1-bromopropane and petroleum spirits.

4) Is dry cleaning safe for all clothes?

Dry cleaning is safe for all clothes since it doesn’t damage the fabric and preserves them. However, certain materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, acrylic and acetate can withstand exposure to water, detergents and a dryer machine, making them necessary for dry cleaning.

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