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Have you ever been worried about washing your favourite coat? We have your back! Our blog covers everything from tough stains to delicate fabrics. Say goodbye to coat-cleaning concerns and hello to an easy solution to keep your coat looking great. The best part is that Quiclo experts are present to produce effective results. 

Things You Should Do Before Coat Wash

1. Review Care Label Guidelines

Before you jump into washing your coat, it is vital to understand the care label guidelines. Those guidelines will give you the inside scoop on how to treat your coat right. 


  • Before putting your coat on for washing, check the tags for washing instructions and confirm if it is machine washable. 
  • If the instruction label mentions “hand wash only” or “dry clean only, ” perform the process accordingly. 

2. Perform Gentle Spot Cleaning

We’ve all had an adventure that has left a mark on our coats. Not to worry! It’s time to do a little research. Take a moist cloth and a small amount of mild detergent, and channel your inner energy to remove those pesky stains. In a nutshell, follow the instructions on the label while treating stains, and watch your coat shine. 

3. Empty Pockets & Test Cleaning Agents

Before you embark on your washing process, checking and emptying all pockets is vital. These simple acts help to prevent any potential mishaps and enhance the life of the coat. 

Tip: Imagine your coat to have a hidden test spot- a small hidden corner. It is where the magic takes place. Applying a small amount of your preferred cleaning solution is the best option. It allows you to experiment with the cloth without making a significant investment. By taking this careful step, you’re a savvy caretaker for your coat.

4. Gently Remove Debris & Dust

Handle debris and dust with special care. Grab a soft brush or a lint roller – they are like secret weapons against the things that cling to your coat. So give it a little pre-wash pampering – and make your coat shine. 

5. Use Lukewarm Water

 It’s time to prepare for the main event: the wash. Warm water is your coat’s best friend in this situation. It’s like a warm hug that’s neither hot nor chilly. Perfect for giving your coat the attention it deserves.

Top 6 Ways Of Washing Coats

1. Pre-treat the Stains With Liquid Laundry Detergent

Consider this your stain-fighting superhero moment. The aim is to save your coat from these pesky stains. Grab a liquid detergent and dab it gently on the spots, and later witness the magic as they absorb the stains. 

Benefits Of Liquid Laundry Detergent

  • Effective stain removal
  • Suitable for pre-treating the stains
  • Ideal for delicate fabrics like wool and silk
  • Reduced residue and enhanced fragrance
  • It is easier for the soaking process

2. Use Specialised Wool Detergent For Wool Coats

Wool coats deserve royal treatment, and here comes the wool detergent, which helps to combat the toughest stains and enhance the coat’s longevity. They help maintain the softness of the fabric, prevent shrinking and help maintain the fabric’s pH balance. 

3. Use Usual Laundry Detergents For Nylon Jackets

Nylon jackets are your coat collection’s adventurers; they’re ready for everything! They don’t require anything special, just your regular laundry detergent. It’s like rewarding them for being low-maintenance. Clean, simple, and ready for action. 

4. Use Front-Loading Machines For Down-Filled Jackets

Do you have a down-filled coat? Handle it with caution. Washing machines with agitators should be avoided since they may damage delicate coats. Front-loading washers are gentler and better to use. 

It’s a safe bet for your down coat if your top-loader is agitator-free. Is there no front-loader? Fret not. Turn to Quiclo experts. We are equipped with top-notch technology and expertise to enhance the shine of your coats.

A quick tip: Even if you’ve got a front-loader, Quiclo experts shine. Our machines handle hefty coats with ease. Plus, it’s a win-win situation for you!

5. Check If The Fabric Needs To Be Washed

Before you begin washing, consider whether your material genuinely requires washing. Not all fabrics are made equal; some can live without washing for extended periods. You can use a visual assessment as a guide. If it’s not visibly filthy or has no odours, you can skip the wash and give your coat for dry cleaning later. 

Washable Fabrics Non-Washable Fabrics
Suede leather

6. Undergo A Patch Test For The Coat

It is one of the necessary steps to keep in mind for an effective result. Apply a small amount of your selected detergent to an area, such as an inside seam or a hidden corner. After a mild wash and rinse, you are good to go for the entire coat if there is no colour fading or fabric damage.

When To Visit Dry Cleaning Experts For Coat Wash?

1. Delicate Fabrics(Silk, Cashmere, Velvet, Leather or Faux)

When your coat comprises these opulent fabrics, it’s time to call in the experts. To keep their grace and texture, delicate fabrics require gentle care. Dry washing guarantees that your coat receives the attention it deserves.

2. Leather Elements

Dry cleaners are best for coats with leather trimmings or synthetic leather features. We equip top-notch technology and expertise for cleaning and conditioning leather without causing harm or discolouration.

3. Embellishments

Coats with beads, sequins, or other embellishments demand a delicate touch. Quiclo experts can handle these intricate details and provide the best laundry services at your rescue.

4. Structured Materials (Tailored Wool & Boucle)

Structured coats, such as tailored wool or bouclé, require special washing to keep their shape and finish. Dry cleaners are trained to handle these textiles without causing damage.

5. Unusual or Unique Fabrics (Metallics, Sequins, & Shearling)

Coats made of exotic textiles, such as metallics, sequins, or shearling, might be difficult to clean. Dry cleaners treat these materials carefully, ensuring they shine while retaining their distinctive qualities.

Expert Insights: The Quiclo Guide To Coat Care And Maintenance

We understand the worries and questions regarding coat maintenance. Worry not. Quiclo services are your rescue. Avail of our laundry and dry cleaning services, guided by experts who produce effective results, right at your doorstep. With our experience, your coats are in the right hands. 

Ready to give your coats the royal treatment? Contact us today for expert care and maintenance that keeps your coats looking fabulous season after season.

Wrapping Up

As we conclude this blog, keep in mind that your coat’s best buddy is only a step away. You can always rely on Quiclo for the best services, whether it’s delicate fabric or complex cleaning. Expert assistance is just a click or call away. Contact us today to ensure that your coats receive the care they deserve.


1. Can I wash my wool coat at home?

Wool coats are delicate and best to avoid washing at home. Instead, choose a professional dry cleaner specialising in wool fabric to keep your coat pristine.

2. Is it possible to machine wash all coats?

Not all coats can be machine-washed. Delicate fabrics, delicate embellishments, and uncommon materials such as shearling may necessitate skilled care to ensure they remain intact and lovely.

3. How can I get a stubborn stain out of my coat?

For difficult stains, call a specialist or follow the care label directions. A common rule of thumb is to avoid forceful rubbing, which might spread the stain. For the best results, blot softly and consider obtaining professional aid.


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