9 Tips To Take Care of Your Linen Clothes

Do you prefer wearing linen clothes? Well, here are a few tips on how to take care of linen clothes that will give you a pleasant experience wearing your comfortable linen clothes.


Linen clothes are comfortable clothing that many have been using for a long time. Linen is quite a popular kind of clothing that was used during the times of Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilisation. The comfort of using this fabric has not faded yet and is still being used widely. Do you want to have a happy linen clothing experience? Then, here are some tips on how to take care of linen clothes.

9 Tips To Take Care of Your Linen Clothes

9. Wash it The Mild Way

Wash it the mild way – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Linen clothes need to be washed with proper care and assistance. The material is fragile, and the texture can be altered easily, so it is always advisable to hand wash linen clothes than wash them any other way. If at all you machine wash your linen clothes, just make sure that you use the gentle washing mode. This keeps the quality of the linen clothes intact for a longer period and also goes easy on the fabric.

8. Use Cold Water

Use cold water – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Washing linen clothes with cold water is an advisable idea as it keeps the texture of the material intact. Washing clothes with cold water prevents the shrinking and fading of clothes too large extents. Using cold water to wash linen clothes with mild detergent can keep the material fresh and undamaged for a longer period of time.

7. Avoid Fabric Softeners

Avoid Fabric Softeners – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Although most of them use fabric softeners to keep their clothes wrinkle-free, it is best to avoid fabric softeners, and this is one of the most common tips on how to take care of linen clothes. Fabric softeners have a lot of chemical pesticides that can irritate the skin. The heavy fragrance can also trigger asthma and other breathing ailments for many. Therefore, it is best to keep the washing of linen clothes simple and avoid fabric softeners.

6. Careful Stain and Odour Removal

Careful stain and odour removal – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Be it stain removal or odour removal, vinegar is your friend. Adding a few drops of vinegar to your clothes can make them look and smell afresh. Soak your cloth in baking soda and a few drops of vinegar. Apply it directly to the parts of the stain if the stain is hard and deep in a few places. Then rinse it off with mild detergent. One of the main tips on how to take care of linen clothes is not to use harsh materials or scrub the clothes excessively to remove stains or odours.

5. Safeguard the Colour of Linen Cloth

Safeguard the colour – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Colour fading is one of the most heartbreaking things that happen to your favourite clothes. If you have noticed that your linen clothes are fading in colour, be cautious about doing something about it while washing. To safeguard your linen clothes from colour fading, add a cup of vinegar or one and a half cup of salt to the wash to hold the colours.

Also, make sure that you wash the same coloured clothes together. Wash whites separately always.

4. Drying Your Linen Clothes

Drying your linen clothes – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Linen clothes generally dry much father than cotton. This show that it isn’t that humongous of a task. But make sure that you don’t try to dry it with temperatures. If you are going to dry it by traditional methods, make sure that the linen clothes don’t come in direct contact with sunlight. Also, avoid using the machine dryer even if you do; make sure you keep the temperature and pressure low. Drying your linen clothes to optimum temperature is one of the best tips for taking care of linen clothes.

3. Ironing Your Clothes The Right Way

Ironing your clothing – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Linen is a little hard to iron because of the texture of the material. Linen clothes are prone to have hard wrinkles that won’t go off easily. One of the needed things to add to tips on how to take care of linen clothes is always steam-ironing your linen clothes.

Steam ironing creates dampness in the clothes and helps make the ironing process much easier. So it is best to steam iron your linen clothes always.

2. Take Care of The Collars, Cuffs, Buttons and Pockets

Take care of the collars – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Take that extra effort to care for the collar, cuffs, buttons, and pocket portions of your linen clothes. Wash the collar and cuff portions separately before you can wash the line clothes as a whole. Make sure that you pick the pocket portion inside out before putting it to wash. Check if the buttons of the clothes are intact now and then. Taking care of these entities is a must to add to the list of tips on how to take care of linen clothes.

1. Storing Linen Clothes

Storing linen clothes – Tips on How To Take Care of Linen Clothes

Linen clothes are fragile clothing that needs to be cared for and stored with care and effort. Make sure to fold your linen clothes neatly after ironing them and store them in a dry place. Also, make sure that the storage place is not damp or cold. One of the fresh tips on taking care of linen clothes is if you take your linen clothes out of storage and you find them crinkly, sprinkle some light water on them, press the garment flat, and let it air dry. This will give your linen cloth a fresh look, and it is ready to wear.

Linen, in general, is costlier compared to other materials, so better make sure that you safeguard them and make use of the above tips on how to take care of linen clothes.

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1. How long do linen clothes last?

Any cotton clothes could only be worn for a season or a maximum of five years, whereas linen clothing can be worn for more than a season and ten years. In fact, with the right washing and care, it might even survive for another 30 years or possibly your entire lifespan.

2. How do you make linen last longer?

Avoid putting linen in direct sunlight or heat, wash it in cold water with gentle detergents, steer clear of fabric softeners, and hang it to dry in a shady spot to extend the life of your linen. Iron it while it’s still damp, then store it somewhere cold, dry, and well-ventilated.

3. What damages linen?

As linen prefers a cool, dark, well-ventilated space away from sunlight, environments with excessive moisture, pests, and sunlight are the key issues that can harm linen products during storage.

4. What is the main disadvantage of linen?

The main disadvantage of linen is its tendency to wrinkle readily, which makes it a high-maintenance fabric that needs frequent pressing or ironing to keep its pristine appearance.

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